“Loan or permanent?” – confusion over midfielder’s exit from Ibrox…


Confusion reigns over Rangers flop Carlos Pena’s imminent move to Polish second division side GKS Tychy after conflicting reports over the nature of the deal emerged.

According to certain sources, Pena’s deal at Ibrox has already been severed be it by firing (unlikely) or mutual consent (quite possible) but others claim the switch to Poland is just yet another loan for the former Mexico international.

It’s an astonishing fall from grace for the 28-year old who came to Ibrox amidst much fanfare over the price tag (which varies from £2M to £3.2M depending on who you believe) and the fact he was a Mexico international, but whose unsuitability for Scottish football became apparent fairly quickly, before the emergence of his alcohol problem surfaced too.

Two failed loans back in Mexico followed and now his fall from grace appears complete as the attacking midfielder is now resorting to second division football in a country already hardly finished with a lavish Premier League as it is.

Quite honestly it’s a shame to think about Pena’s deterioration. Sure, he wiped his nose on our shirt which was as inexplicable as it was disgraceful, but the man appears to have deep deep mental problems and probably needs help more than anything else.

Perhaps a gritty move to Poland and some grass roots football is almost exactly what he needs to sober himself up and get his life and career back on track.

Never know, he might one day be ready to play for Rangers again.


  1. I hope the guy has the strength to recover fully from his mental health problems, but on the other hand fuck him, he isn't fit to clean the toilets at Ibrox.

  2. It's can't be a loan, the transfer window is shut. Poland have the same transfer window as the rest of Europe.
    So we must of agreed to pay him off.
    Shows the standard of player he is and how stupid our directors are. The guys on more than £20k a week and the only club interested in him is a polish second division club.

    • Poland's transfer window actually runs over February and March, not January. Moot point – he is officially no longer a Rangers player anyway.

  3. Pena must have been half decent I believe but as you say no fitness no real application for us apart from a couple of flashes . Poland s hardly the place for a recovering alcoholic …You can see the Poles in this country ….Drink !!!!

  4. As long as there is no confusion about him actually going. Can't see a second division Polish club picking up his wages and don't see him taking a pay cut so guess we are still lumbered with most of his salary.

  5. I see we're reporting his contract was terminated. Don't tell me we've paid another player off? Hopefully he's gone and hasn't cost a penny more

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