Latest performance shows why Rangers simply must sign 22-year old….


Slightly older Bears will vividly remember the Great Dane that was Brian Laudrup – one of the best players the top flight in Scotland ever homed, this amazing talent rewrote the rules of what we could expect from our Rangers wingers.

Older ones still will remember the Hendersons, the Coopers, and of course the great Jim Baxter at the-then position of left half – these thrilling flankers had Bears spellbound by their wizardry, and that the last truly extraordinary one was Laudrup gives some idea of just how hard it has been for his successors to achieve that level of brilliance.

And while it would be a bit ludicrous to mention Ryan Kent in the same breath as these legends of the club just yet, nevertheless the Liverpool loanee is showing a frightening level of pace, trickery, technical skill and sheer excitement that we simply haven’t seen on a similarly noticeable level since the former Milan and Fiorentina attacker.

Ryan Kent is the kind of attacker who was a slow burner in Scottish football – it took him a fair few months in the SPL and some bum loan spells prior to that at Barnsley and Freiburg to finally find himself – and this scintillating forward has devastated some truly top-class teams, including Celtic and Rapid. He has also destroyed Hearts, St Mirren and shown his talent against many more.

Was there anything more thrilling than watching him streak away effortlessly from Scott Brown before the Celtic captain was left with no option beyond fouling?

In a way, the player Kent actually reminds us most of is Wales’ Ryan Giggs – that thrilling marauding sprint with the ball, decimating defenders, beating men, and making midfielders look embarrassed – he isn’t the finished article yet, but he’s getting there, and we can’t wait for him to do so.

There is a problem though, and it’s kind of a big one – he isn’t ours. Liverpool have left the door open for him to return, but the reality is he isn’t usurping Salah, Mane and Firminho any time soon and he has admitted he really wants to stay in Govan.

This is where Rangers simply must bring the chequebook out. We’ve discussed it before, what he would cost. We’re also happy with the loan deal being extended beyond the summer, but the fact is Ryan Kent has the tools at this stage to be as good as any of Rangers’ legendary luminaries in his position – and we want him to do it at Ibrox.

This is a must – losing Kent would be a killer, and the sooner we know this kid is here for the long haul, the happier we will be.


  1. Jim Baxter was the greatest entertainer I had the pleasure of seeing in a blue jersey. Never seen him operate as a wide player though?

  2. Spot on IN, Kent gets me out my seat at ibrox and that's something no player has done to me at rangers in a long time, his pace and touch are simply leaps and bounds above what's playing in the SPL and with the right manager (gerrard) helping him i can see him becoming even better, of there us cash to spend, get this guy bought cos even at 4-5 million I still think the return in 3-4 years time on him will be more than worth it

  3. I've always said, we are advertising and marketing these loan players, but will never see profit in it if they are playing well. The exposure we offer is world wide, but as long as Kent is a Liverpool player and if he continues to play as good in the coming months, the price for him gets higher and higher and we will never be able to afford him. So let just enjoy him while it lasts.
    Oh, until I see another Rangers player keepy up past 4 Celtic players and buries the ball at the back of the net,, then Davie Cooper will always be the man,, Legend!!!!

  4. Yeah, if they're willing to sell we should push the boat out. If we get £8m for Tav in the summer we should go all in if need be.

    i like Tav, but lets face it we got him for 300k. And two other RBs this season who were free. FBs are players that can be found for a bargain. Wingers like Kent are a different story & being English his value would only soar.

    And c'mon what's with the slightly older bears chat. Laudrup was only yester… ah 20yrs ago, I'll get my zimmer

  5. Not sure what kind of money is involved but we need to sign this lad he is everything that Rangers Fans love . I hope the board can make it happen if Morelos continues to spit the dummy then……

  6. Would love to see it but I think your looking at £5 million at least for the kid and I don’t think we have that sort of cash for one player.

  7. Hopefully if we were (finally) to offload both Herrera and Pena, at the summer. Even if it was at a slight loss, we could afford him. We'll be sorry, if we don't.

  8. Got to agree with you regarding Kents potential and the importance he now has to the team. Usually he would be out of our league but we have to accept we are going to lose Tav and Alf in the summer and that should provide a windfall of around 15-20 million. Should we risk 5-6 million of that money on one player? I think so but it would be a gamble.
    Unfortunately we'll never have the chance to truly appreciate the likes of the past legends you mentioned for more than a couple of seasons at most. These days the likes of Cooper, Henderson and Baxter would be snapped up by EPL teams long before they could achieve legendary status. Sad but true I'm afraid.

  9. Comparisons with Laudrup are premature. For anyone who has forgotten his magic, and for younger fans, I suggest you get onto YouTube and look up Scottish Cup final when we beat a Hearts 5-1. A true master class with Laudrup pulling the strings. Unfortunately those days are gone and will never be seen again.
    As for Kent Im fairly sure that he will not get into the Liverpool team next season so either they sell him or loan him out again. If it's a sale it's unlikely we could compete with Championship clubs, never mind SPL clubs, on fee and salary. However, if it's a loan we could be in pole position given that he will play in front of full houses every week competing for trophies and playing in Europe. There aren't many clubs can offer that. To get such a talented player for potential 2 seasons for nothing would be a bonus.

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