Have Rangers just made the biggest accusation at the SFA yet?

Have Rangers just made the biggest accusation at the SFA yet?

There’s still a lot to get through via Stewart Robertson’s eye-opening chat yesterday about the SFA and the BBC, and we have to say Robertson bit his tongue impressively when making his comments on Chief Compliance Office Clare Whyte.

Without saying it directly, Rangers’ managing director effectively confirmed something is amiss about the ‘moral’ arbiter of Scottish disciplinary procedures, and did extremely well to avoid making any accusations the SFA might have been able to legally oppose.

However, everything is there in what he said with a forked tongue:

“I don’t know (why Clare Whyte is conducting herself in the way she is), is the honest answer. I presume it’s her interpretation of the rules, but there’s no doubt all the clubs should get round the table and debate what should change. But there’s definitely a change (in how discipline is handled compared with last year) and I don’t know why that’s happened.

The elephant in the room, that Robertson cannot say, of course, is the allegations Whyte is strongly inclined towards the East end of Glasgow. We couldn’t possibly verify or deny the accuracy of these claims, but they are out there, and we’re sure people well above our head at Ibrox know the truth or falsehood behind them.

Of course, if it is true, then it’s a clear conflict of interest and makes a mockery of the SFA’s fit and proper person procedure. More on that later.

But Robertson’s statement is far more telling for what it implies, what it doesn’t say than what it does – and again we have to applaud him for calling out the SFA as well as the BBC.

It has taken a little longer than we might have wanted, but finally Rangers are using their voice in the proper manner.

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  1. Yes – “a little longer than we might of wanted” …

    Unsure if the SFA can be “saved” after the dust has settled must petition for a move to a British League.

    As for BBC Scotland – this Scotland section has to be “closed” down time we got to get back to the old fashion simple BBC

  2. Fed up with our progress (minimal) under Mr G, fed up with all we seem to be able to do is moan (pitches, tackles, BBC, SFA) and finally fed up with the standard of our play save for the odd game!! Oh and fed up with our chairman who seems to spend more time thinking up ways to dupe the courts, sorry defend his position, wish our team could do the same (defend)! J

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