Have Celtic just handed Rangers 55?


With Rodgers 99% confirmed new Leicester boss, Rangers now find an unexpected twist in this season’s title race.

We said only a few days ago how 55 was not going to happen this season, and that we were happy with second place as long as it was a clear and significant gap over third.

But at that point Brendan Rodgers was remaining Celtic manager until 2021.

The goalposts just dramatically shifted once Leicester fired yet another coach – Rodgers was a shoe-in for the gig and whatever his own motivations, it’s going to be confirmed imminently.

Which leaves a complete shift in Scottish football. It is not inaccurate to say Steven Gerrard has been much more of a darling within the media since his appointment than Rodgers has been – already there is a subtle change in how the media have been reporting both managers, and with Rodgers departing down south Gerrard now finds himself facing likely Neil Lennon, who was never exactly the most media-popular chap in Scotland.

But, that, all that is for another day, what about on the pitch?

Well, the wheels of Rodgers’ Celtic have been loosening badly this season – yes, they remain comfortably clear of second, but with December’s Old Firm result still fresh in everyone’s memory, Rangers have managed to cobble together a bit of a run over 2019. Two bad results, yes, but otherwise a decent chain of points this year has seen Rangers gain some consistency while Rodgers’ Celtic just simmered along.

As we alluded to earlier, there are two Old Firm matches left – that’s six points. Rangers don’t have the league in their own hands yet, even with both of those won, but one slip from Celtic, assuming none from Rangers (absolutely zero guarantee of that) and Rangers win the league.

A lot of fans didn’t give up on 55 this season, but a lot of fans also didn’t envisage Rodgers abandoning his post – it’s changed things.

A Celtic without their seasoned manager and bringing back Lennon as a stopgap is a Celtic Rangers can beat.

They have no windows to bring in his players, beyond free agents, so he has to take Rodgers’ squad and make them play for him, having managed to get himself borderline fired from every job he’s had – always ‘mutual consent’.

The point? If Rangers have had a better opportunity to snatch 55 in the past seven years we’d love to know about it.

This really may have changed things.

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  1. Nobody will hand us anything! We dont know how this will affect the unwashed but we are in exact same position…we MUST WIN EVERY game to have a chance of winning the league this season. Bring it on #55

  2. I voted no. Time and time again we have shown inconsistency and that is our down fall. Game against St Johnstone at Ibrox showed that at this stage of the season!!
    I think Lennon will get the interim job, and maybe now obvious why Steve Clarke popped his head up in the bigotry row!
    With Lennon, I don't think Celtic will drop many points, and we are the architect of our own downfall with inconsistent performances and results.
    To just say we still have to play Celtic twice to catch them is nonsense as it's not just them that are taking points from us, and its points that win titles.
    Would love to see 55 happen, but its going to take a huge effort to get a consistent run against ALL of the opposing teams, not just Celtic. May I also remind you we could only manage 2 draws against Lennons Hibs this season whilst they were sitting at the lower end of the table?!
    Think on if you think Celtic have just "handed" us 55!!! Got to keep the feet on the ground and HOPE our players fight for every single point that's on offer till the end of the season!

  3. Rodgers leaving doesnt hand anything to Rangers. Anything we win will need to be earned…hard graft and a slice of good fortune from other teams getting a result against Celtic. Remember even if we win next two Old Firms we are still a 2 points behind so need favours…and hard graft to keep a winning run going.

  4. 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🕺🕺🕺

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. It's a nice thought, but is unlikely to happen. Better to get things sorted and in place, for next season. Which has to be, a winning season.

  6. Ha ha the tranny man has gone thank fuck. And now we have the loose cannon as his replacement. A lot of sad EastEnders today and even more tonight. Get your cash on the jam tarts win tomorrow. Superb Xmas has come early. I reckon there is something in him leaving just now though. Season books need renewed in the next few weeks fans could have renewed the sunbed Sam would leave but it would be to late for the fans to do anything then as books would have been paid for. A think brenda has also done this to get at Liewell.

  7. Ceptic still have the same players even tho the wife stealer has left, it's a lovely dream us getting 55 this year but seriously… The bheggars will win it this year but look forward to next season, especially if old junkie popcorn teeth is in the hotseat

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