Has Stevie just trolled the media?


After all the hype of his likely missing Defoe and Lafferty, Stevie G has named both in his squad including Defoe as a starter as the manager made a mockery of the player crisis by fielding a strong XI to face St Johnstone including new signing Glen Kamara.

USA international Matt Polster makes the bench but there is no place at all for Scott Arfield and with Defoe up top all appears well with Rangers’ personnel. 
We do feel like Stevie had a little fun with this one at the media’s expense and the strong bench suggests it further. 
This XI should have no difficulty dispatching the Saints. 


  1. No Ryan Jack in the squad either , both he and Arfield must be injured or ill , to not even be on the bench.

  2. TBH I think he shouldn't have had a "Little fun with the media" & put out a team to win
    Barisic looks like he is bored to FK

    FFS this is ST Johnstone were talking about here Celtic beat them 2-0, 2-0, then 5-0 and were drawing with them
    so annoyed

  3. That game was rank rotten. Tinkering far to much with the team. Forget any title challenge. St Johnstone were not even trying either which makes it worse. Lastly refereeing was. Rubbish.

  4. So? – I agree with James above he didn’t win again.

    Is this really acceptable from a Rangers manager, captain, team or squad ?

    We will never win the league again at this rate – throwing away another 2 points at home this time !

    Everyone laughed at the Celtic midweek result in Europe. They have scored 9 goals against St Johnstone over 3 games recently and we cannot beat them at Ibrox.

    And you talk about SG “trolling” the media !

    Is he paid to do this or win games ?

    At the end of season we can make comparisons with SG and previous managers over last couple of seasons but this is not the “bench mark” we should be using.

    I have heard it said he is a “better loser” than Warburton ! – SO ….

    Is SG’s time up?

    Did he really make it as a player? (No premiership titles )

    Frankly my gut says he can’t cut it as a manager & we are best start the search for someone who can!

    • I can't believe you are doubting Gerrard's credentials as a player. One of the finest British players of his generation. A view I held long before he ever came to Rangers.

  5. BBC Stats

    61% possession

    18 shots 1 on target

    st. Johnstone 6 shots 2 on target

    King its time to start sacking more failures !

  6. Pps

    As Chris Sutton says

    “Chris Sutton couldn’t help himself and posted a cheeky Twitter verdict, saying “Good point for Rangers in the end…” after the visitors hit the bar late on and almost snatched the three points.”

    Enough – King sort it out now !

  7. There you go again mate no respect for another team coming up against us . No wonder we dropped points today with an attitude like this . We need to earn our points not just show up. That's us now 8 points behind the tramps 9 taking the goal difference into should they prevail tomorrow. If that turns out to be the case tata to the league. WATP NO SURRENDER

    • You waited till the result till you popped up with this one Scud. Then you paradoxically yell 'No Surrender' after telling us to drop that exact attitude. We can see why many have their eyes on you Scud 😉

  8. So the result was bad for us it's called constructive critism nothing else. As for the the WATP NO SURRENDER your telling me I can't be saying that and also I only popped up after the result and game today. What do want me to predict a 4 or 5 nil scoreline for today and then look stupid. All I have said is only my opinion and you have used my line on this previously before I think the site is great and can't see by it .But that's why we have the debates on here everyone's opinion is different . Hope no bad feelings towards anyone but we are all entitled to our say and aye WATP .

  9. What use is Lafferty, at all? He can't score, he can't team up with Defoe. He can bang the ball of thw woodwork a lot. Really, what is he good for? Come summer, Lafferty, Davis, Dorrans, Rossiter and all the dross, must be gone. I said at the start of this season, we can't 'carry' anyone. With all these injuries, we're carrying 'everyone' and getting no return, on our investments. Utter pish!

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