“Had a mare” – Player ratings after atrocity v Saints


Well this is going to be painful – on a day few got close to pass marks, we’re going to go through the sewer of shame for you our loyal readers and conjure up our ratings.

Warning: this will not be pretty.


Kind of showed why he lost his place and why he was never good enough in the first place. Caught utterly stranded a few times, no positional reading, and how he managed a clean sheet is a miracle. Did manage one good save but it’s patently clear why he’s no longer number one even if his manager picked him as MOTM. 4


He was… alright. The crossing was AWOL, but he did work hard and make plenty of runs. He didn’t exactly defend much, and was caught out of position multiple times but at least he gave it something of a go. 5


Sorry, someone needs to explain to us how this performance got stadium MOTM? He was mediocre if we’re generous, done for pace once or twice, but he did also manage a couple of vital blocks so if we’re honest, he was probably the best man at the back for us. 5


Wow, he had a mare – done for pace several times, no game reading at all, and Worrall stopped him looking very very silly indeed. A real shambles from the most expensive player we’ve signed since pre-admin. 3


Another flat, insipid display with a whole lot of nothing, we’re kind of done with ever expecting the ‘Rolls Royce’ he’s been labelled as to appear. Twice he basically tripped up on his own feet in the act of passing, and just looked like he wants to be anywhere but Rangers. 2


One of our best players, McCrorie bleeds for this shirt and goes into the hurt to help his team. Few work harder than him and while he’ll never playmake from deep midfield, his attitude is spot on and he has his head held high after this one. 7


He did work hard but his passing was a bit loose and he committed a few dodgy tackles. Still to find his way into the side but did quite well for a debut when most around him were awful. 6


If his opening few performances since returning are an indicator of his future hopes in this jersey, he’s going to spend a lot of time on the bench or out the squad. Has a good long pass on him, but that’s his only redeeming quality right now. Far too often he slows counters down, and seems a yard or two off the pace of the SPL now. He is working hard enough, but the style of his play and quality is not fitting with what Rangers need. 4


Showed fleeting glimpses of that raking pace of his, but this was one to forget for Kent – lost the ball way too many times, and didn’t get anywhere near enough into the game – totally isolated. 5


An ok show from the evergreen Candeias who always leaves it all on the pitch – plenty of running and willing to get into space for others, but suffered from his team mates’ abject form and could make little happen. 6


He is simply unable to produce anything as a lone striker. That’s two in a row he’s absolutely flunked at. He can’t play the role. Simple as that. 1



He did try, but then he always does. Got in a decent shot. At least it was something. 5


A willing runner, tried to make things happen and got in a very decent cross. Looked like he had a lot to prove. 6


We have no idea why he was brought on. N/A

Steven Gerrard:

His rotation is getting beyond a joke now. Sure, we understand there’s a lot of tournaments and a lot of matches and we need a lot of depth, but he seems to have taken too much on of Rafa Benitez and refuses to stick with his best side ever. Although it’s equally clear he doesn’t know what that is. Or what his best system is. This was a hodgepodge of a performance and his men didn’t remotely look like scoring. Any possible title bid or goodwill post-Old Firm result is now over.  And Gerrard has conceded that. 2


  1. A bit generous with some scores here! Candieas= shit, done nothing! Tav= shit, done nothing, never a captain! Goldson= shit, passing horrendous! Barisic= worse than shit, still got the receipt?? Davis= looks done. Kamara= ok but i'm slightly worried we have our very own ejaria! Middleton= not good enough! In Defoes defence…who created 1 chance for him??? Gerrard= shit! If he knows the opposition are going to sit back then why play 2 defensive mids and 1 striker?? Why not go 442 or even 352??

  2. Mostly Gerard's team, Gerard's tactics,Gerard to blame and am afraid its back to square 1 with another failure in management and probably worse to come,but hey that won't bother them as they will all be laughing/joking with each other at their next training session …..watp

  3. What game were you at word al by far best rangers player mcrorie not races don't agree with many of your eating.

  4. Worralby far top . Davis not at races mcrorie very poor touch of an rhino defoe not a lone strikers poor game gielie nothing to do .gerrard ?

  5. Don't agree with your ratings regarding glen kamara today ibrox noise!Kamara was IMO the best rangers player on the park today.You state his passing was a bit loose? Not on my watch, because apart from 1 loose pass his passing always found a blue shirt and was passing the ball forward most of the time, instead of square all the time.He had a very decent debut for us today.

  6. would not have thought you could top wee edros duds ,but looks like gerrard has ,never seen so many flops in one team ,mr gerrard is not the man to put us on top ,

  7. There's just too much excuses and not enough, 'punishment benchings', for me. He's letting them, take the piss. Less Rafa, more Fergie 'hairdryer' roastings and punishments, for this spoiled lot, of under-performers. Strike Kent, from that, but even he, under-performed. Not good enough, by far!

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