Fail fail success – fair assessment of three huge SG signings?


Despite a humdinger of a win over Killie, Allan McGregor aside, it seems the ‘deserters’ experiment has failed.

Since summer last year, Steven Gerrard has brought back three of the infamous 2012 crew, and with Kyle Lafferty’s increasingly poor season putting him into the freezer while Steven Davis is unable to impress on pretty much any level, it is starting to look like only one of the three have been a success.

In all fairness, what a success McGregor has turned out to be – easily the best stopper in Scotland and one of the best in Britain, the 37-year old has gotten better with age and while the needle in his game could use a bit of cooling down, he’s been a sensational success.

The same just can’t be said for Davis or Lafferty. Lafferty appears to have peaked at Hearts, playing his ‘heart’ out and trying to engineer the move to Ibrox, which was what he wanted in 2017 anyway, and has finally succeeded – but his form has dwindled along with his importance, possibly aided by his ‘personality’ which we know to be high maintenance at the best of times.

Meanwhile Davis has just not done it since he came back – while raking out some good distance passes, and initially looking like a composed and high-quality player, his limitations have started to lay bare as he plays in an SPL which is just too fast for him now – and we start to understand why he wasn’t in Southampton’s plans any more nor were they resistant to him leaving.

This is not to pick on the pair of them and slaughter them unnecessarily – both are decent guys whatever their motivations for coming back were, and no matter how you look at it they’re upgrades over the kind of squad depth we’ve had in years gone by.

But that is what they are – depth. Neither of them are good enough any more to be first picks, and we’d actually be surprised if Davis remains at Ibrox beyond the summer.

It’s curious how McGregor got better and better as he aged, while his Northern Irish friends faded quite noticeably.

But it’s a good place for Rangers to be in that we can say we have far better options than both of them, and that’s not something we could say early in this journey of ours.


  1. Harsh on Davis I think, he has played little or no football in the last year and will come good. Laff … Well….I didn't want him the first time we signed him and was disappointed we resigned him. Was never reliable enough. Scores some good goals …sometimes bit nowhere near the standard of Morelos or Defoe although I'm not sure where Defoe gets a game in this 433.

  2. Defoe wasn't a deserter but a disaster, can't see him banging in the goals like everyone predicted, hands up on that one as l was convinced as well, and as for Davis and Lafferty, both are done and bench warmers now at best sadly to say

  3. Hard on Lafferty I think as he is only getting a few minutes here and there. I thought against St Johnstone he offered more in 20 minutes than Defoe did in 90.

  4. Lafferty was an embarrassment first-time round. I will not slag any serving Rangers player, so will reserve comment until he leaves, again.
    Davis was great first time round and I loved him. But, all those who wanted him back clearly thought he would not age. They were wrong.

  5. Davis has been Pish …Past his Best Perhaps? 🤔
    …Didn't agree with this one in First Place

    And I don't think Lafferty has been given a fair run …He just needs games
    15 mins here and there isn't gonna help him

    Stevie G can't leave him on the bench the whole time and then bring him on with 15 minutes to play and expect him to score 😬

    Fan of Lafferty …Hope the Situation improves

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