Do Rangers have a new ‘star’ player?


As we discussed earlier, for the past 12 months Alfredo Morelos has been the pin-up star of Rangers – our undisputed ‘best player’.

Top of the scoring charts, putting them away in Europe – it was hard to argue with this assessment. But over the past month and a half, added onto his stunning performances against Rapid and Hearts, Ryan Kent’s superb display against Celtic and more recently his impressive shows against St Mirren and Aberdeen have hinted at the very real possibility there’s a new sheriff in town.

Somehow, Ryan Kent may have overtaken Morelos as Rangers’ star player, as our best player, and as Gary McAllister has confirmed; the winger has stepped up a level beyond anything he’s shown before, and he is looking absolutely devastating.

Of course, they’re very, very different players. Kent is all about running with the ball, destroying defenders inside and out with skill and pace, before either assisting or scoring himself.

Meanwhile Morelos’ job is to hold the ball up, create havoc in defence with his presence, win fouls, bring team mates into play and of course score goals.

So it is slightly apples and oranges, and Rangers are a much weaker prospect without both of them regardless of attributes, but there’s equally no denying Kent has been extraordinary at times this season.

True, he is not completely consistent yet, but then that is a crucial issue for most attackers, and indeed, most players, let’s be honest. But when Kent is on his game, he is simply unstoppable, and we would have to argue that most EPL defences would struggle to contain him just like as SPL ones have.

His pace, his trickery, his extraordinary balance – he is very much in the mould of Messi, with that low centre of gravity allowing him to move so much quicker and with more control, plus the superb technical ability he shows when beating men from a standing position.

Kent is being called, in some quarters, the SPL’s best player right now. It’s hard to argue with that. A few months ago Celtic’s James Forrest was being hyped by all and sundry for the form he was in, but Kent now seems to have taken that mantle single handedly.

It took the Oldham-born attacker a while to find the right club. Lots of loans for him just didn’t work. But now, the perfect storm has kicked in at Ibrox.

And few in the SPL would deny he is the most dangerous player the league has to offer at the moment.


  1. I just hope Kent finds more consistent form on the park, he is most vital to our cause. Loans tend to lose their intensity as they near the end of their tenure in the knowledge they are heading back to their parent club.

  2. Okay I’ll start by saying I like Kent and would love it if he signed permanently but the issue I have with Kent is that great tho he is with the ball and has pace to burn, he more often than not runs into trouble before either picking a player out or getting a shot off, this could be because there is a lack of quality runs from our forward and midfield players to compliment his runs, and another reason why a proper attacking mid is desperately needed. Kent with a bit more quality around him and possibly some better decision making could be a sensational player, but that is probably why we have him on loan from a club like Liverpool, to iron out these little issues.

  3. We should Spend the Cash to get him to Glasgow Permanently!
    His value will only rise as he gets older

    Absolute Weapon of a Player

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