Did Rangers fire Carlos Pena?


Following Rangers’ official announcement of the termination of Pena’s contract, one thing stood out about the statement:

The lack of ‘mutual consent’.

This forces a big question; was Carlos Pena sacked?

True, the statement is gracious to him and wishes him luck in the future, but whenever any contract has been terminated in recent years, the phrase ‘mutual consent’ has been present indicating the player was paid off and both parties agreed to sever the deal.

But on this occasion that phrase is conspicuous in its absence, suggesting one of two things:

Either the player graciously accepted the termination of the deal without any golden handshake, and if so, we have to praise him PLG-style for not costing the club any more money.

Or, he was fired. Outright sacked. But if so, there would have to be grounds for it, and we’re at a loss as to what they could be.

We are veering more towards gracious mutual termination without payoff and if that is indeed how it played off, he’s shown a bit of respect for the club (at last) by doing so. Certainly beats wiping your nose on our kit (!)

As for his future, we hope as human beings that he gets the help he needs to turn his life around, wherever he goes – but he will permanently serve as a damning reminder of a truly appalling era in Rangers’ recent history.


  1. True it's a terrible indictment of our recent signing policy and an embarrassment to Pedro. Forget all the PC nonsense. The guy was an embarrassment to our club and should never have been signed. As a a human being I couldnt give a shit why, just glad that we are rid of him.

  2. No explanation from Gers, and no comment from Pena. This leads me to believe that some form of payment must have been made. Why, especially after the lack of respect he has shown Rangers, would he walk for free?

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