Controversy as Rangers contend ‘injustice’…


With Rangers having predictably launched an appeal against Alfredo Morelos’ red card, we understand why they’ve done it, but for us Morelos, like Tavernier’s idiotic penalty, gave Bobby Madden a decision to make.

Neither incident was the worst of its respective kind, but without any question there was justification in both cases for the outcome that was reached.

In short, should Morelos have his red card overturned? We at Ibrox Noise obviously ‘hope’ he does, because we’re stronger with him (well, when he can keep himself on the pitch), but should he on a neutral and factual basis?

Probably not. McKenna has no case to argue – he was malicious and there was evident intent and ‘lashing out’ on the defender’s part.

But Morelos was admittedly slightly less obvious. But this doesn’t mean less intentioned. The Colombian, while McKenna was writhing his feet in the air, was clearly and deliberately motioning his boot into his groin – it was not an obvious stamp, and players have gotten away with far worse, but that is in itself an indictment of other bad decisions, not a ‘two wrongs make a right’ scenario.

We would be surprised if the decision is overturned – and Morelos would be a very, very lucky boy if it is.

But once again the striker has placed himself in a position of contention, a position where a red card was understandable.

But we’ll put it over to you – step outside the question of his ability, and look at his record and the offence in its own context.

Was the red card justified? Should it be overturned?

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  1. How could he possibly be aiming at McKennas ahem… groin area, with a boot in his face and his eyes closed because of said boot?

  2. I'd say it's not a red. The refs and the spfl set the standards at the start of the season and are meant to maintain them. There's been plenty of those wee after niggles in lots of games already this season which aren't reds.

    In most other leagues in Europe it is a red, but we have shit refs that let players scrap it out too often, too the detriment of the technical players,IMO

    Chances are the ref wouldn't have done fuck all if Morelos didn't go down. Doesnt matter how much you get fouled in our league if you stay on your feet you're less likely to get it.

  3. It was not a Red Card because if you look closely as the Footage,
    McKenna Kicks out on the back of Morelos's Left Leg and he loses his balance
    …He doesn't deliberately stamp
    He places his foot on McKenna's Thigh to steady Himself


  4. It's a red all day long,he knew what he was doing,he left his foot on mckenas nuts deliberately then when mckenna kicks up at Alfie boys face i don't think it made contact as it was on the left side of his face then he rolls about like a fucking idiot holding the right side of his face smiling and looking up for the ref,this boy has so much potential but he's a bit of a nutter,get him some ritalin, unless he changes he won't be worth any more than 10 mill and he won't be playing in the Epl,what team will want to play him when he's missing up to 10 games a season ?,he's also blowing his chances to be an international player for Columbia…No Surrender…

  5. No doubt in my mind that Morelos knowingly put his foot in there. Perhaps with no great force but he did it stupidly and gave the referee a decision to make. Had McKenna not reacted then I very much doubt if the referee saw enough in the incident for anything other than a yellow. It won't get overturned.
    I also read that Scott Brown got a yellow card last night for a tackle the reporter thought was worthy of a red. You would have thought then the tackle would've been shown and discussed on Sportscene last night. Not even shown. Though they did find time to show the Hibs player getting booked for a bad tackle. Likewise there was an embarrassing, laughable and blatant drive by Johnson which never made the cut but is being circulated on social media.

  6. You can't 'high boot',either, but seems that, is being swept under the carpet. Your own image clearly shows a boot, missing Alfie's face by an inch. Wouldn't be that if he had caught Alfie's eye. He doesn't help himself, I admit that. But he's a 'character' and you are not going to be able to change that. If it's such an issue, sell him. But sell him, for big money. You can always get a nice timid striker, who always does what he's told, to replace him.

  7. I think it will be a red ,it was his foot in McKenna's groin/area that gave the Refs Assistant and Madden an easy decision . The whole Media Witch Hunt for all things anti Rangers is disgraceful…We can only silence these disrespectful bastards by winning the league .

  8. Yellow card at the most for Morelos. As usual, more lime light on our player than McKenna. Morelos is a marked man in every game, not only with defenders but referees as well.
    I hope the video footage will exonerate Morelos and downgrades his red to a yellow.

  9. It seems as though every pundit has it in for us weather it's actions by certain players or club officials and if they scream hard enough they can get the club punished by the authorities and players of other clubs are targeting players who they see as easy targets in morelos they know he is a hot head I'm astonished at Alan McGregor I can only assume it was down to a misjudged tackle thats surely not punishable but many of the pundits would beleave otherwise and the governing body sucome to their pressure where is all this going to stop .I do wish these pundits would be less opionated and more neutral but that's not going to happen .and the governing body should not bow to preasure from I do agree that morelos should be punished but by the club I would drop him until he learns to channel his aggression in the properway and if he can't it's time to let him go before he does untold damage by the way he continues if doesn't change his ways stevie Gerrard has got to be strong and manage the player .

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