Clarke is still at it – even after being called out by Stevie G


Steve Clarke (yes, here we go again) has today once again committed embarrassing hypocrisy with a shameless brass neck by aggressively condemning sectarian abuse of the likes aimed at him, but completely glossing over the same abuse Kris Boyd received from Celtic fans last weekend.

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard rightly called Clarke out, and asked him why he hadn’t roundly condemned this behaviour at Rugby Park, and Clarke responded thus:

“When I did the press [on Sunday], I didn’t know Kris had been hit by a coin and I didn’t know there had been chanting against him. I spoke [on Wednesday] about the majority having to speak up and shout down the minority, so I think that’s addressing it.”

As you can see, ‘think that’s addressing it’ is about as explicit as condemnation can get, as opposed to:

“I’ve had so many messages from people in England saying ‘I saw you on the telly, I hope you’re OK. What was the reason?’ They don’t understand what we’re talking about up here and that’s a sad reflection on us as a society. Everybody has to take some responsibility and everybody has to try and work together to change. It won’t change overnight but the fact it’s back in the headlines, we’re back talking about it, is sad in one way but positive in another way. There’s been advances but you still see instances, still occasions when it comes out.”

Which is obviously much less passionate…

Clarke’s two-facedness on this is getting tiresome. Either evenly condemn it all, or don’t condemn any of it. Steven Gerrard rightly spoke against those who embarrass Rangers’ name by resorting to this kind of abuse, and he spared no quarter in doing so. But Clarke glossed over Celtic fans doing it to Kris Boyd, not once, but twice.

If Clarke is serious about wanting this kind of poison in society to stop, he has to make sure he doesn’t just want the blue half of it to stop only.


  1. The biggest piece of hypocrisy is him quoting Chelsea as rescuing him and now saying that the English don`t understand it.Aren`t they the club that has had people done for racially abusing Rahim Sterling and had fans chanting anti Jewish things at the Spurs support .I don`t condone sectarian chanting but there are things sung in England that I don`t understand .

    • So it's ok for idiots at our club to make abusive chants about someone's religious beliefs (which actually aren't even true) because other idiots at other clubs have done similar?

      Two wrongs don't make a right, we need to get our house in order before Scottish gov force spfl into taking points off us or eufa act and ban team from Europe.

      This is 2019 not 1919.

  2. Surely the bigger issue is dealing with the idiots in our own support, rather tha picking at words by a manager our support has abused.

    Can tell the sensible and decent fans apart from the idiots purely on reaction to this story. Stop trying to deflect or justify the unjustifiable, we need to get rid of the morons who bring shame on the club and tarnish the name of decent supporters.

    It's a real shame that these idiots have tarnished such a good win, Clarke speaks for himself and his team – perhaps some should listen to our own manager and chairman's comments to see the club knows there is a big problem here.

  3. We must stop this nonsense. Our wonderful club has class and do not need bad press. The fans in question should give there head a shake and hopefully realise they are letting the team down badly

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