£8.5M hole at Ibrox – one man to blame…


So Rangers have finally confirmed Carlos Pena is no longer a Rangers player. Not even announced as mutual consent, the deal has been terminated without any fuss, the player reported to be in talks with a Polish second division side.

The biggest frustration is the loss of up to £3.2M on the fee Pedro Caixinha paid for the player’s ‘services’ (extremely loose use of the word) and now once again a Latin signing is freed from his deal and free to sign up to any club who wants him, presumably for a fat cheque.

Stewart Robertson was the main driver behind the appointment of Pedro, the ‘outstanding’ candidate, and has been recently rewarded with a pay rise.

Looking at the damage his pupil did makes for painful reading – the millions lost thanks to his appalling appointment:

Bruno Alves £1M, Fabio Cardoso £1.5M, Carlos Pena £3M – plus the absolute failures of Eduardo Herrera and arguably Graham Dorrans add another £3M to the mix.

£8.5M absolutely wasted investing in the vision of a terrible appointment – and that is money Rangers cannot afford to lose.

The only cash well spent was the £800,000 on Alfredo Morelos (A JJ signing) – even Ryan Jack was a free and information is he wasn’t a Pedro signing either.

The Pedro debacle is just that – a debacle, one Robertson has never been accountable for and yet gets a pay rise.

That summer set us back at least one year, and while we now appear slowly to be getting back on track, Carlos Pena in one name is the epitome of wasted spending, poor accountability, and bad decisions.



  1. I've said all along someone should be held accountable for the failings of Pedro, the fact that they then installed a Director of Football in Mark Allen to oversee football related matters suggests highly they got it massively wrong allowing Pedro that sort of Money without any sort of consultancy from an experienced figure.

  2. I wish people would stop calling Alfie a JJ signing as it is false. Alfie's agent touted the player and Rangers pursued. While they sought an opinion from JJ, it's hardly a JJ signing. Those are facts.

    • Sorry Ally, that's not true:

      "I went to watch them a lot and Alfredo was the big star in Finland. I saw what he had potential to do."

      "In that way Morelos was different from other strikers in Finland as I thought he had all of those attributes. That's why he caught the eye." -Jonatan Johansson.

  3. Said from the offset that our managing director/chief executive,stewart robertson is way out his depth at rangers.The top candidate that i think rangers should bring in as their new managing director/chief executive should be the current hibs chief executive,leeann dempster.I don't care about the spat she had with neil lennon.She's tremendous at her job,full stop..Get her to ibrox,is what i say and i've said it on here for ages now.She has done fantastic jobs at both motherwell and hibs and has a very good business head,as well as a lot of experience in football and sport in general.

  4. Why did you have to bring this clown up again – my nightmares have only just stopped from when he was actually here. If we could have gone from Warbs (at least he did have a clue) to MA and then Gerrard, we’d have been wealthier, better and not feeling like we lost a year. Onward!

  5. Robert Miller, whilst I can see why you are thinking of Leeann Dempster, where are Motherwell and where are Hibs?

  6. The way I heard it , it was one of the board members who championed mad Pedro and Robertson was one of the others who went along with it .The board was split pretty much 50/50 but the guy behind it was one of the money men and he put the cash up .It was a ridiculous decision to appoint a guy with no pedigree in management and it has cost them a lot of cash and us a wasted season at least.By the way I don`t think we can write Dorrans off yet but he needs to come back with bang .

    • It was a ridiculous decision to appoint a guy with no pedigree in management – so you don't agree with the appointment of SG then?

  7. Extremely unfair to list Dorrans with those other dummies. I've no doubt Dorrans would have made a good contribution had it not been for injuries. The others were a waste of money and time.

  8. Once again Non stick Chairman gets a free pass
    The saying Buck stops here should be on his door
    I think after tonight we might get a few disgruntled supporters as i think a draw is the best we will get tonight
    The lack of Player who have won something is a big concern and is apparent when the big games arrive ( apart last Old firm game ) This is not a defeatist attitude its reality and IF we go on and win tonight then i will hold my hand up
    But i will say again and again and again
    King = No Trophies Trophies = NO KING Its a mantra that has to be repeated at every opportunity until our Chairman get the message -By the way has anyone seen him lately NO !!!1

  9. I think the board tried really hard to be unanimous in the appointment process..the truth says otherwise. Myself and other shareholders know the decisuod to appoint was made by a small group of which Graeme Park was also a member. Still financially we can recoup this by selling Morelos at the end of the season …We will still need to keep scouting to find good players obviously …pity about the
    Laddie at Charlton now Huddersfield think he is a good prospect …Onwards WATP

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