Two incredible twists in one day in Rangers’ transfer window


Rangers’ January transfer window has slowed somewhat in the past week following a stunning flurry of early-year signings. After a mad slew of signings saw Steven Davis, Jermain Defoe, Glen Kamara and Jordan Jones all sign deals of one nature or another, actual action has been replaced by speculation in recent times.

However, one story yesterday really caught our attention, and would be unprecedented in the modern game if it’s true. According to a national red top, if Nottingham Forest’s Martin O’Neill decides he does want on-loan stopper Joe Worrall back this month, Forest will in fact have to pay Rangers a release clause for him.

Let’s just repeat that – in plain English, if Forest want their own player back, they have to pay for him.

If this is accurate, and let’s face it tabloids don’t always get it right (!), it’s a stunningly smart move from Rangers’ deal-makers who originally secured Worrall – an astounding insurance policy, showing just how highly Steven Gerrard rates the 21-year old.

And to make matters even more interesting, speculation is now rife that Worrall has dramatically changed his mind about going home – after confirming he was a Forest player and they were his priority, effectively, Worrall is now said to be more keen on staying at Ibrox and winning 55, or at least pushing for it.

So, not only would Martin O’Neill have to fork cash out for Worrall, you know, his own player, but his own player now would be reluctant to return despite being a Nottingham boy and a supporter of the club.

It’s just yet another twist in a very intriguing transfer window which delivered a lot earlier this month, and is now simmering, rife with rumours and ‘work in progress’.

As for our preference at the site? Worrall hasn’t done it enough overall at Ibrox for us to be satisfied he truly wants to be here, but when he has delivered he’s been as good as anyone. We are also concerned that Steven Gerrard is playing another team’s 21-year old stopper over the one he paid money for (more on that later).

But either way, the contract brokers at Ibrox have pulled off a masterstroke if the contract story is true, and we have to wonder why on earth the powers that be at the City Ground agreed to it…


  1. We had to pay a loan fee to secure the Donkey, so it's the money we paid for him in the first place we will be getting back,he's played two good games since he came,i for one won't miss the cunt,oneils doing us a favour,get big Nikola back in the team,after all he helped us to get into the group stages of the Europa league,bring in another defender before the window shuts…No Surrender…

  2. Tbh, I'm not too bothered if he goes, he can be replaced. Although for consistency it's maybe slightly better that we keep him, rather than try to get another CB up to speed.

    However, part of me also wants to keep him just to get it up "Blessed Martin"

    Would be interesting to know how much the compensation is though

  3. Worrall played really well in the last 2 matches and looked to me like a player that had the club at heart. If he goes he will do so with my best wishes and I think he can become a very decent player.

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