Transfer update; Rangers to get bonus six-figure fee?

Transfer update; Rangers to get bonus six-figure fee?

Despite James Tavernier’s recently-improving form, one position Rangers aren’t overly blessed in is right back. Jon Flanagan sits in reserve, and theoretically could be a serious player for that berth given his reputation and CV, but he’s fallen out of favour under Stevie. He remains, however, a useful utility player for either defensive flank.

But the one other significant option Rangers have there is Lee Hodson – and now it looks like the Northern Ireland international, currently on loan at St Mirren, is going to get a career reprieve following two Championship clubs taking a major interest in acquiring his services.

Ipswich and Bolton want the ex-Killie man, now rather than a pre-contract, and with Hodson having been an effective free in the first pace (He cost Warburton somewhere between £0-300k) a modest six-figure sum would surely be more than enough from either side to wrest his signature.

It would be an escape route for Hodson who never got a fair crack at the Ibrox whip – his poor luck was every manager’s preference for Tavernier, who offers far more in attack, and given Rangers managers in recent years have preferred that kind of RB, Hodson had no real chance.

He was also very poor at left back so was unable to convincingly provide depth in that slot, making his time in Govan something of a busted flush. In truth, he’ll feel he’s wasted almost three years in Glasgow and if the clubs can come to agreement, he’d be down south in a heartbeat.

One caveat for him is that both sides are bottom-feeders and very much in the relegation battle so he may well find himself in League One before the season is even finished, but regardless of what a lot of fans think of his ability, we rate him a little higher here at Ibrox Noise and he’s certainly conducted himself absolutely impeccably – doesn’t deserve any smears for not being Cafu.

We’ll never forget the Old Firm where he completely nullified Celtic’s attack and showed just how good he can be on his day. For that he deserves to be held in slightly higher esteem than he probably currently gets.

If he is to leave for pastures new, hopefully Rangers make a little cash on him and he gets the break he probably needs.

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  1. Like Flanagan, an RB played at LB and slated for not being an LB. decent enough, but not good enough for us now

  2. There’ll be no fee if he goes to Bolton – not got a pot!
    IMHO, he had more than a fair crack of the whip at Ibrox – it’s pretty hard to dislodge the skipper I’m pleased to say.

  3. If we sign Matt Polster he will probably be back up to Tav,he also covers def mid and center mid,Andy Halliday type player on the right…No Surrender…e

  4. Definitely SCW. They play a man out of his natural position, then moan because he's not cutting it at LB. Flanagan has not been done right by, in my opinion. Hodson who? Get rid. No-brainer. He had a fair go and couldn't cut it.

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