Stevie G strongly hints Rangers career is over for midfielder….


Steven Gerrard has indirectly suggested he couldn’t care less about Carlos Pena or his future, and hasn’t a clue nor interest about what that is set to be.

Speaking at his pre-Killie presser, the Rangers manager shrugged his shoulders with a lot of ‘don’t knows’ when pressed on Pena’s future and the only concrete thing he furnished the air with was that Pena will not be returning to training nor does he have an ounce of a future with Rangers’ manager.

The Mexican is struggling in his homeland with alcohol addiction, and it is certainly well-documented that he does have problems with alcohol – not least by the player himself:

“I’ve still not recovered 100 per cent, which is why I am following my rehabilitation treatment to the letter. I still have a person who takes care of me. But I don’t want my case to be demonised because the illness of alcoholism is a problem which affects many people in all aspects of life. I am not scared to say ‘I was an alcoholic’ because it happens in life. I am very calm about it. I don’t regret anything I have done and I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. Everything I’ve done is because I’ve wanted to do it. Nobody forced me to do anything. When I wanted to play football, it was because of me.  When I wanted to drink a beer, it was for me. When I wanted to have a child, it was the same. I had a problem with alcoholism and that’s why I got involved with Chavez’s clinic, which was very good. If it happened to me, it can happen to anyone. It’s not difficult to change if you want to change. I want to continue playing football, I am only 28 and I want another chance. Whether that is with Rangers or in Turkey or Poland I don’t know. I have until January 31 to make my mind up. I only want the best club for me and I will take my time to decide my next career move. What’s important to me are my family and friends. People who I really considered to be friends and my family have all stuck by me. Others have disappeared, but I knew I had people surrounding me who would not be with me in the difficult times because they were only interested in fame and money.”

Just like Paul Gascoigne Pena is mentally ill with serious alcoholism, but unlike Gazza has been unable to deliver on the pitch and that cut the England legend more slack than it perhaps should have. In Pena’s case we are unclear on the level of support he is receiving from the club, but if Stevie’s testimony is anything to go by, probably not much.

It’s not an ideal situation for anyone – Rangers wasted £3M on Pena, Pena needs help, and Gerrard has a squad player that’s of no use to him.

Nevertheless, we hope this can be resolved soon and Pena taken off the payroll – because evidently he has zero chance of ever getting a reprieve at Ibrox.


  1. It's a shame, I was intrigued to see if Gerrard could bring out the player he could be. He did give flashes of what he can do, just wasn't consistent enough. He would give 15 minutes and give up, however, would have been interesting if Gerrard and co could have resurrected the lads career. Won't be missed though and still owes us fans an apology for wiping his beak with a pair of Rangers shorts!

  2. Let's just hope we quietly get rid. His alcoholism I take it, was hidden from the World, when Caixhina bought him then? Or he's suddenly became one, in one season? I'm sorry, but he must, come off the wage bill. Gazza had personality. Pena, has none.

    • Can't see that happening as no-one is gonna give him anywhere near as good a deal as he's on now, and who could blame them. He's happy to take the money and contribute fuck all for it, typical lazy fucking Mexican!

  3. Maybe football could be his saviour. Let's hope he sees it that way and if he wants to save his career he knows he has to move on and play elsewhere regardless of what he gets paid. His sponging off Rangers will end some day so why not do it now and get out and play.

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