Stevie G has just massively trolled Celtic and we love it….


Steven Gerrard may have just given a very subtle warning to Scottish football and Celtic after discussing Borna Barisic’s (latest) injury and managing to make a very gilded point about the state of the game north of the border while looking directly into the camera.

During a chat with Nick Thomson on RTV, Gerrard was asked about the Croat’s injury and there is no doubt in our minds the number he chose while looking into the camera was extremely deliberate and a bit of a statement of intent:

“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Borna. He had me worried because he tapped the floor about 55 times….”

Whether Stevie thinks Rangers can win 55 this season, there is no doubt the number chosen was on purpose and designed to let Celtic and Scottish football there is every intent on Rangers trying to end Celtic’s dominance and stop 10IAR ASAP.

Which we like.


  1. Sick to the back teeth listening to stopping 10 in a fucking row shite,they smelly CUNTS ain't even won 8 or 9 so why you going on about 10 iar,get a grip…No Surrender…

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