Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Steven Gerrard must reject controversial transfer deal

January’s window is underway in earnest, and while we at Ibrox Noise and the support at large are continuing to enjoy the good feeling of both incoming (and outgoing) transfers, plus the post-Old Firm bliss, we have to make a very strong case to oppose any possible pursuit of Charlie Adam.


We will respect Steven Gerrard’s decision whatever he chooses in this one, but with the Stoke midfielder selling himself to both Rangers and Hearts, there are few players less we’d like to see coming to the Marble Staircase.

Charlie Adam may be a decent enough guy fundamentally (we don’t know the man) but what he said in 2012 must never be forgotten such was the self-serving nature of his choice of words:

"I am not interested (in Rangers). Simple as that. It is nothing to do with me, I don't need to say anything. The only person I am interested in is my brother. My brother is there and for me, that's the important thing. He might lose his job and it is going to be difficult. I have spoken to Grant but that remains private between us because he is my brother and that's the way it goes. But the rest of it, it is nothing to do with me. I can't affect what has happened there and what has gone before. That's the situation Rangers are in and they have to deal with it. I don't have any bad feelings (towards Rangers). At the end of the day, whatever I say won't make a difference. They are in a bad way, everybody knows that, let's get on with it, deal with it and move on."

Now that his career is on the slide, and Rangers are on the rise, his snout wants back in the trough? If he’d shown a little compassion, suggested the dozens and hundreds of jobs at risk were of concern as well his brother’s and that he hoped it could be resolved and that Rangers would be ok, we would have much less of an issue with him.

As it is, not only did he say all that, but he is a distinctly average footballer as well and we’d very disappointed to see Stevie take him up on his offer.

Or, come and get me plea, as it really is – give me my career and some wages back.

Hearts are absolutely welcome to him. And we also don’t really care if he plays brilliantly for them, it doesn’t change how we feel about him.

If Gerrard does make a move, we’ll take it on the chin and accept. But we’d rather he doesn’t.

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