Steven Gerrard has just created an absolutely huge problem


There is no question Steven Gerrard and Mark Allen’s work in this transfer window so far has seen Rangers better off to the tune of five fine players. Sure, two of them won’t arrive before summer (albeit there has been talk of Rangers paying Dundee now for Glen Kamara’s immediate services) but nevertheless Rangers are now one Jermain Defoe, Steven Davis and (possibly) Ryan Hardie better off than we were a week ago.

This does, however, create an immediate and (sort of) wanted problem.

Rangers’ XI (and subs) overran Celtic only 11 days ago and for the first time in over half a decade looked like a proper Rangers team playing the way it should against our old rivals.

But Steven Davis and Jermain Defoe did not sign for a place on the bench.

These two will both expect, form notwithstanding, to be in the starting XI more or less as regulars – you just don’t sign players of this calibre to leave them on the bench.

So the question is, how are both of these EPL-standard players going to be integrated and who makes way?

If we take the Old Firm match in isolation, our weakest performing starter was Alfredo Morelos, maybe followed by Connor Goldson – and both of these two still had very decent displays.

But, unless sold, Alfredo Morelos is the star of the team and one of the first names on the sheet.

So where does Defoe, for one, fit in?

The most obviously vulnerable attacker has to be Daniel Candeias – his form the past two months has been up and down – and while he worked very hard and still had a very good game against Celtic, the recent ineffectiveness of his crossing and general attacking was slightly exposed, and his performance excelled due to that graft and pressing instead.

On the other hand, Ryan Kent was sensational and surely will be considered untouchable for the time being.

In midfield we have a genuine problem. All of Ryan Jack, Scott Arfield and Ross McCrorie are starting to build up heads of steam as borderline undroppable. But Steven Davis is there now, and if we’ve signed him, we’re going to play him.

Even a switch in formation doesn’t solve this. Steven Gerrard will have some excellent and in-form players unhappy on the bench, and constant rotation to keep everyone happy is not the most efficient way moving forward.

If we look at midfield and attack, to shoehorn in Davis and Defoe, not to mention Hardie, something has to give – and we must say the quality of choice really has skyrocketed:

Jack, McCrorie, Arfield, Davis, Rossiter, Coulibaly, Dorrans, Kent, Candeias, Grezda, Middleton, Lafferty, Morelos, Hardie and Defoe. 15 players for six positions. Doesn’t fit.

It is about as strong a midfield and attack selection as any since 2011.

And Steven Gerrard is the man tasked with keeping everyone happy for the rest of the season.

Good luck with that one!


  1. Looked like a proper Rangers team for the first time in over a decade? You're aware there was a Rangers team less than a decade ago who won 3 league titles in a row?

  2. Unfortunately I think we have to face it morelos days maybe numbered due to his temperamental behaviour he has being red carded more than anyone else so we can't afford him to be out of crucial games so I'd rather let him go now while we have a replacement in place as for tavaneir he blows hot and cold to often accept the bid if it comes all the best to all our new recruits and welcome back to ryan hardie and steve Davis and a happy new year to everyone involved at our beloved ibrox and all our supporters and all those at ibrox noise

  3. 3/5/2 formation mcauley,goldson,worral,borna wing back, tav wing back, arfield, Davis, kent, defoe and morelos up front, possibly. Tell you what tho kamara looks a player for free Jones for free and we also got defoe and Davis for free not to mention arfield flannagin and mcgregor for free, well done on recruitment!!

  4. January window has just opened, I feel there will be more business to be conducted. We will just have to sit tight and see what develops. One thing is for sure, we need a team that will perform consistently. Beating Celtic was brilliant, but it's not just them we need to beat to win the league back.
    I have crowed for years that we need consistency. Look at the points we have dropped this season and seasons before. Points we really should have won, but our players had either downed tools or the "park the bus" tactics beat us because of inability to get passed it.
    As usual, I will reserve judgement of our new players until I see them on the pitch when playing for 3 points or the cup.
    We have one fantastic opportunity to get that league back. I really hope all our players have the bottle and desire for it! Celtic are no longer a problem, it's inconsistency!

  5. Hate to say it but it is Scotland and 20% of them will end up on the end of an assualt ignored by the officials on or off a plastic pitch and be out injured until August. We have to plan for that too.

  6. This is gonna be some team,cant wait to get going,Sir Ge55ard has created a monster yesss 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👌
    He's gearing up for champions league😉

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. 4-3-3 with Kent, Defoe & Morelos ahead of Arfield, Jack & Davis. Full backs providing width.

    Would mean we have McCrorie, Rossiter, Dorrans, Grezda, Candaias, Middleton, Murphy & Lafferty providing support and Kamara & Jones to be added to this group and fighting for 4 spots on the bench next season. Would suggest loaning out McCrorie, Rossiter & Middleton to SPFL teams if they're not going to get minutes. Surely need to shifts couple others too, not even including the Mexicans.

    Cant see Hardie getting near the team, but happy to be proven wrong if he starts banging them in.

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