Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Steven G may just created a six-man dilemma for himself....

With Jak Alnwick’s extension at Scunthorpe and Andy Firth’s signing from Barrow Town confirmed, plus the continuing trial of Kiwi stopper Stefan Marinovic, Steven Gerrard is creating a curious ‘problem’ for himself as things currently stand.

While young Robby McCrorie departed for Morton on loan and Aidan McAdams for Annan, Rangers nevertheless have a strange mix of goalkeepers and if we’re entirely sure, we’re not absolutely clear on the plan here.

As we know, Allan McGregor is number one – but at number two, things already start getting foggy.

McCrorie and Wes Foderingham previously fought it out for that jersey, and with the former gone Foderingham might have thought it was his to lose now.

While confusion reigns over an ad he placed on social media for a home for sale (some posters claim he is a business partner of the property manager rather than it being his own home), nevertheless, Foderinham is now one of possibly six goalkeepers on Rangers’ books and we must admit we’d love to know who actually stakes the biggest claim for being McGregor’s deputy.

Surely a NZ international is not being brought in as material for the Development Squad, assuming the deal is secured, while we mustn’t forget the very decent Alnwick who will be back in the summer and has never let himself down in the Rangers shirt.

Meanwhile, Andy Firth at 22 is too old to be one for the future and was certainly brought in as backup, but is that backup Rangers needed?

In short, potentially, it is McGregor, Marinovic, Foderingham and Firth currently at Ibrox (not to mentioned youngsters Kieran Wright and Nicky Hogarth), while Alnwick, McCrorie and McAdams are all out on loan.

If the Development/Reserve squad is to be Firth (why?), Wright and Hogarth, Gerrard really does have a pickle on his hands with three senior goalkeepers who all want and need to play.

Of course McGregor is the starter, and that won’t change bar some cup matches (tonight’s clash with the Blue Brazil is set to start Foderingham) but how does Stevie keep Wes and a potential NZ recruit happy?

Naturally we look at Wes moving on – and surely that is on the cards. But nothing solid has happened there yet and Rangers could seriously be looking at three on the payroll who all feel entitled.

And then there’s the ever-impressive Alnwick to return of course and McCrorie will be back in the summer.

It’s curious to say the least – but one thing is for sure, Rangers have the right man as the number one.

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