Rangers player ratings v Livi – who only scored 6?


It’s the morning after the afternoon before, and Rangers’ crushing loss at Killie has been curtailed a little by an impressive win and clean sheet over at the Tony Macaroni in Livingston.

Ibrox Noise takes you through a list of who shone and who didn’t in some ratings for you all to gnash your teeth over:

Allan McGregor:

A much more solid performance from McGregor – more assured, better kicking, but of course had very few saves to make. What he did he did with confidence. 7

James Tavernier:

On the day he was being linked with an £8M move to Southampton he picked a fine time to produce another excellent display. A performance of two halves for the captain – the first saw a lack of incisive attacking and few runs and crosses, but very astute and disciplined defending, while the second immediately saw his shackles come off and he tore into Livi’s rearguard. Played a big role in the opening goal to name just one. A very good show. 8

Joe Worrall:

Most fans were aghast at his name on the team sheet, including most of us at the site, but he was a lot more reliable and solid this time around. Sure, wasn’t tested a lot, but competent. 7

Nikola Katic:

The only surprise about his start was he replaced McAuley and not Worrall, but Katic looked far better than he had at this ground last time. Dominated what (little) came his way, and while positioning was occasionally an issue (got dragged out of position a few times) he didn’t really put a foot wrong. 7

Borna Barisic:

Barisic needed this. A subtle performance, the Croat was a surprise starter and appeared determined to prove his worth – while it wasn’t quite Roberto Carlos it was good – his crossing was superb, his corners devilish, and he made sure to get himself heavily involved. A solid outing for Barisic and he’ll be pleased with his work. 7

Ryan Jack:

He just looks way better working alongside McCrorie, and it showed again – maybe not a hugely obvious display, but a reliable one and did a fine job strangling Livi’s midfield. Especially Pittman who was the main man last time. This one the Livi man struggled thanks in part to Jack – goal was a touch fortunate but he earned it. 7

Ross McCrorie:

He is becoming a very important member of this team, and Rangers are weaker without him in it. His partnership with Jack is huge and it nullifies most things any opposition throw at it, and he is big and strong enough to hurt for the team. He surely has to stay in the XI now. 8

Scott Arfield:

Without any question this trio is now Rangers’ most potent midfield, and Arfield, while, like Jack, not hugely obvious, leads the younger pair so well and together all three of them work perfectly. Another assured display from Arfield who got a fine assist into the bargain. 8

Daniel Candeias:

Will have been frustrated to miss Killie and HJK, and was determined to prove his value – and did so. Rangers’ best player yesterday, a constant menace, and seems to have regained his incisive crossing too. Works so hard for the team. 9

Ryan Kent:

A bit off, in truth. We know what he can do, and while he showed glimpses of his class now and then, it wasn’t as potent as his finest displays and overall, while he’ll have loved his goal, we know he’s got more than this in the tank. 6

Alfredo Morelos:

A constant menace as always, and while guilty of some greed (it’s Morelos for chief’s sake) now and then, he earned his goal. His through pass for Kent though was extremely poor and borderline naïve. 8


Steven Gerrard made four changes and much grinding of fangs were in attendance as we saw Halliday dropped and Worrall retained – the performance, energy and result justified the selection though as while Livi were hardly impressive for their part, Rangers had some gusto about them and wanted it more. The players worked hard for each other, and their manager. Gerrard righted a lot of the wrongs of the last two matches and we’re glad that horrible diamond has been ditched.


  1. SG has asked for consistency so let him play his part by keeping this starting line up.
    This is the side that should have started against Killie with only a few one for one changes through injury or loss of form.

  2. It was good to get that win yesterday and Stevie picking the right team. But these pitch invasions need to stop we are behaving like o non-league team from down south like Barnet or something win a cup game embarrassing rangers fans as this went nationwide we are better than that .

    • RIFC lost £300,000 this week , RIFC lost £300,000 every week last year and will do the same every week for the forseeable future .RIFC chairman has 43 convictions for fraud .nothing learned from 2012 when the original Rangers went bust .

  3. Back to second spot🇬🇧,but that game was utter dross to watch ffs,no football played whatsoever,and that defo is looking like a dud hope iam wrong,the game died when Morelos was taken off

    Watp lets go🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Was thinking the sane mate but saying comments like yours some come on here and accuse us true blues of being timmys you have to wonder about some people at timed. The jury for me is still out on Defoe but if we fail to win the league it's a MASSIVE gamble that would not have PAID off or worked out.

    • I apologize scud must of got the wires crossed no surrender


  5. 7 for the donkey that is worrall,Livi should have had penalty because that idiot pushed their player to the ground,next game SG will change the personnel again,then when Goldson comes back no doubt big Nikola will be benched,i also don't think weve played the same team twice this season…No Surrender…

  6. Just read a quote from Stevie G saying he dropped big Katic because he had a slight dip in form (i didn't notice a slight dip in form) he also said he took him out because of his age,can't get my head round that because that fuckin Donkey worrall is the same age and hes dipped form shit loads of times but the cunt still gets played,WHY ??…No Surrender…

  7. Worrall needs dropped for the next game, every time he plays well, the next game he has a complete howler, played well yesterday granted but don't expect the same display next game

  8. Good management to pick Worrall yesterday and very pleased to see him and Katic have a shut out. I want us to be able to pick from 4 reliable centre backs and the gaffer has to show confidence in his players where possible if we are to achieve this. I’d also like to see Fod starting in the cup ties.

    • He was a second half substitute. He wasn't a starter. That's what we meant. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Think you are a bit generous with your markings IN. It was no more than decent against a toothless Livi team in a terrible match. Tavernier had a really poor first half and didn't quite make up for it in the second. Worrall flashed at 4 or 5 balls when under no pressure and his passing was poor. I thought Arfield was mostly posted missing and Jack played far too many backwards passes when not being pressed. If a defender gives the ball to a Jack it's so that he can do something going forward. It's not to give it straight back to a different defender.
    And on other matter. Why does McGregor feel the need to slow the game down and waste time when we are winning 2-0. He might think it's "professional". As a Rangers fan I think it's embarrassing. Surely we are better than that?

    • Agree with this completely. – Nothing worse than the midfielder bouncing it back to the defence, especially when under no pressure! It's lazy..

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