Rangers make opposite decisions on two midfielders

Rangers make opposite decisions on two midfielders

It must be said Rangers are in a pretty healthy place right now. The Old Firm win breathed new life into every facet of this club, and while we continue to be linked with Bournemouth’s Jermaine Defoe, Liverpool’s Dominic Solanke and Southampton’s Steven Davis, two defensive midfielders’ Rangers futures appear a tad different right now.

Jamie Barjonas returned yesterday from his loan spell at Bury, while Greg Docherty’s future remains uncertain as the club weighs up a potential return for the 22-year old – Shrewsbury boss Sam Ricketts has confirmed Rangers have been in touch, albeit the suggestion from the League one chief infers Steven Gerrard has decided to leave the destroyer where he is.

Barjonas, though, is definitely back – the midfielder had a modest time in League two, with eight combined in both league and cup, and the 19-year old is certainly seen as one for the future and we can’t really see him breaking into Rangers’ team any time soon.

As for Docherty – regulars will know how highly we regard him, and we remain a little puzzled if Ricketts’ implications are correct – while Rangers have Ryan Jack, we can’t say we’re engulfed with reliable depth in defensive midfield – Jordan Rossiter still isn’t in favour or match fit, Lassana Coulibaly’s form has been off colour (albeit understandably) and the only other choice is Ross McCrorie, who has been admittedly excellent of late.

We feel like Docherty would be more use to us in our shirt than in Shrewsbury’s, but Steven Gerrard’s definitely bought some trust and faith following the big win so we’ll defer to him on this one. If, that is, he has indeed chosen to leave Docherty down south till the end of the season.

This January window is most definitely livening up.

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  1. The Barjo boy might not be ready for our first team, just yet. But he's definitely one to keep an eye on, for the future. I'd loan him out again for another season. Find him a half-decent team, with lads that he can learn from.

  2. He's not a dm, what dm scores nearly 10 goals half way through the season??? Hes a box to box cm, he played on the right for hamilton because hes got an engine if you regard him that highly then get his postion right

    • Jason holt hasnt even got a goal or assist in the same leauge and hes in a better team. Docs a cm he can do both, hes plays like arfield more than jack or mccrorie

    • Jason Holt, with all due respect to him, isn’t a 10th of the player Docherty is. As for his position, he only played DM for us and was excellent there. He was regarded as a DM at Hamilton. The fact he’s now developing as a BTB mid doesn’t alter what he was previously seen as.

    • Your right hes still playing on a better team so you would think he would have scored at least one goal if its such a lower level and on a team thats 11th, docs team fighting the drop how would a dm thats not playing on a good team score so many goals? When he was with us he played next to goss and done good till we played celtic and had no real dm in to stop them counter us and got beat off 10 men!! And your wrong mate hamilton saw him as a cm like james mcarthur and mccarthy he played right midfield loads of times for hamilton they knew he had a really good engine hes no a dm hes box to box watch how good hes doing now

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