Is this the end at Ibrox for fan favourite?


Regular readers of Ibrox Noise will know we think extremely highly of Greg Docherty. Unfairly treated, in our opinion, the colossal midfield powerhouse has lit up England’s League One in his time south with Shrewsbury, but it’s our contention he’s already good enough to play for Rangers. And indeed, has already proven that.

However, he must be having quite a side-eye glance at events in Govan, where Steven Gerrard, having seemingly elected to leave the 22-year old on loan, has added to Docherty’s position with the addition of Finland’s Glen Kamara.

What does this say about Docherty’s chances of ever breaking into the Rangers team under Gerrard?

Both players are bustling powerful central midfielders, and while Docherty has added an attacking side to his game, and Kamara is known for verging on the more defensive, nevertheless with Ryan Jack, Scott Arfield, Ross McCrorie, Steven Davis, Lassana Coulibaly, Jordan Rossiter and now seemingly Kamara in there, what hope does the ex-Hamilton man now have of regaining a shirt in Govan?

In the way Kyle Lafferty will be feeling a little dismissed by the signing of Jermain Defoe and the potential return of Ryan Hardie, Docherty now sees around seven midfielders with whom he must compete in order to secure a place in the first team.

It’s equally an issue for Jordan Rossiter – Rossiter sees Kamara arriving, plus the speculation over Fulham’s Kevin McDonald and Derby’s Craig Bryson in his position and, even if these guys don’t arrive, feel a tad put out by all the midfielders both linked and definitely signed.

Whatever position Docherty arguably plays these days, both the signing of Davis and the imminent capture of Kamara we’d have to argue suggests Steven Gerrard just isn’t interested.

Which is a hell of a shame – we really like Docherty, and all he wants to do is play for his team – we believe he’s fit to do so, but it appears Gerrard doesn’t agree.

Bear in mind Gerrard even recalled Ryan Hardie from his loan (albeit the striker may still go back out) and never put Jordan Rossiter out in the first place, while Docherty must look on from afar.

The addition of Davis and Kamara suggests the game is up for Docherty.


  1. Hardie is at Livi who have a winter break, English teams are still playing through this period so why would Doc be recalled when hes playing games to go on a winter camp??

    • Not really. That's just like Worrall being called by Forrest because we have a winter break. Docherty is on a season long loan, I think it would be disrespectful not to honour that!!

  2. Coulibaly is a loanee , Rossiter and Dorrans have major fitness questions hanging over them , so all three could be off in the summer .Davis himself is only on loan so there will be space enough for Greg if he keeps impressing .You can`t compare him with Hardie he was brought back because Livvy are also on a break and the manager has never seen him close up training etc .He will probably finish the season with Livvy after the break , his problem is that he does not have a contract after June.

  3. McCrorie, Rossiter, Docherty, Hardie, Middleton and possibly Grezda need to be out on loan until they're better than our first 11. Not point them wasting development time and confidence on the bench or not even making them team.

    • Excellent point…its far more likely that Docherty will be ahead of Rossitor in the pecking order. In fact expect Rossitor to leave.

  4. I think Doc will be back and in the team he's probably having the greatest success out of all the loans. I suspect Rossiter wasn't sent out on loan due to past injuries, who'd take him?

    Chances are coulibaly won't be here after the summer, unless he hits his early season form again. Also Davis is only in for 6months. There's no guarantee he'll stay beyond that,

  5. I can see this is possible and I too would be very sad to see the end of Docherty at Ibrox.

    BUT, since SG arrived, midfielders arriving are Coulibaly, Ejaria, Kamara and Davis. Only Kamara is not a loan.
    Personally, I think Rossiter, Dorrans and Coulibaly will all be below Docherty in the pecking order come next season. If those three leave, there will hopefully be space for Doc and Davis if his loan works out
    I don't think Kamara will have a guaranteed slot. More of an issue may be Defoe. If he works out, is it not likely to be as a two up top? Which means either taking away a midfielder or two wingers/full backs depending on whether we go 4-4-2 or 3-5-2

  6. Mountain out of a molehill. Made good sense to put Doc out on loan as he simply wouldn’t have got enough game time to develop had he stayed. He might or might not be a better option to some of our current midfielders, but realistically, only the ones that are crocked. If he’s as good as IN believe, and SG decides he doesn’t want him, then there’ll be a queue of clubs offering £millions. Won’t there?

    • It would take a stretch to believe he’s noticeably inferior to Ejaria or Coulibaly. Both of whom same age but played tonnes. We struggle with the ‘development’ argument in truth.

  7. Would love to see Docherty back but not yet.
    The best thing for his development is to stay where he is and continue doing what he's doing. He'll come back in the Summer a better player than the one that left.
    IMO he's well ahead of quite a number of players mentioned in the article and other comments.

    • So are you saying that league 1 is better than the SPFL. Doc was doing well at Hamilton, that's why we signed him. Surely his development would have been better being a sub with Rangers than going to a lowly league 1 team.

    • How can 20 minutes here and there possibly be better for his development than playing every week regardless of the level. He'll learn nothing sitting on his arse.

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