Is Steve set to make this massive change for Sunday?


Steven Gerrard has been pretty clear in his disappointment over Joe Worrall’s horror show on Wednesday at Killie – the Rangers boss didn’t mince his words over the clanger which led to Killie ultimately winning the game, and Worrall has previous for these.

Yes, his stats are actually pretty good, but his mistakes cost goals and points and Gerrard must be seriously considering the return of Nikola Katic to give the Croat a fairly justifiably earned place.

Sadly his last league start was also on an artificial surface in Hamilton and the former Balupo defender had a very poor match at best, before angrily slamming the dugout with his fist as he got withdrawn.

He has been clear that synthetic surfaces are bad for his back given his massive frame, so while Gerrard may well be looking at him for Livi this Sunday, equally the turf may well be a hindrance to him and if he did start, we might struggle to see the best of the colossal stopper.

But Worrall’s confidence is likely to be absolutely shot following that nightmare at Rugby Park, and another plastic pitch this weekend is hardly going to appeal to him.

Does Stevie really look at dropping Worrall and restoring Katic?

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  1. If Gerrard doesn't drop Worrall then he'll lose so much respect from all Gers fans and not just me. We need to stop developing other teams players over our own.
    I'll get my mate Bungle to play and he'll do a better job than Worrall! Tehehe…
    On another note, Katic is a serious goal threat from set pieces as he proved recently.
    4-0 to us!

  2. If Goldson is available, then McAuley-Goldson partnership for a while.

    With the size of our squad compared to these teams, we really should be putting 2-4 goals past each of them anyway.

  3. My biggest issue with Worral is he appears to think that he can stroll the games outwith the bigger fixtures. Europa, Old Firm, almost all others he has an arrogance against and just doesnt think he needs to worry about these players.

    Scottish football might not be the best when it comes to quality throughout the whole league, but these players when they come up against us go that extra mile to try and get themselves into the papers.

    Katic came back against Hamilton and had a difficult time, but the boys confidence will rightly be shot.. He literally done nothing terribly wrong and lost his place to Worral.

    Finally, Katic got hooked at half time against Motherwell (I think) for having a bad game. Im sure he got turned and we lost a goal. Why should Worral be afforded a different outcome?

  4. Best change we could make would be the Chairman GET RID NOW
    Another transfer window and no big money signings
    Anybody on here who thinks we can win silverware without spending 20 million is deranged
    I,ve been spouting this for more than 4 seasons and still get decried -Fans need to vote with their feet now
    King equals no Trophies -Trophies =No King
    Please Mr King Just Go

    • Scim,
      So, we get rid of King and trophies roll up at Ibrox? Which trophies, when and how exactly do you expect this to happen?
      Do you blame King for Worral? Or are you saying if King left, £50 million would suddenly turn up? Who from? It can't be that you think someone will buy him out, they could have done that any time in the next four years but haven't.
      So, instead of whining King out, why don't you tell us how and who in, how much money they will bring and what they will do with it?

    • Waken up and smell the roses this man is an Impostor who has presided over 1 Disaster after another stop burying your head in the Sand and stop trying to be a politician and answering question with a question Facts speak for itself
      Who was on the board when we went into Admin -King was
      Wh0 promised a Nomad so that would nt happen -King did
      Whp Promised 30 Million -King Did
      Who said Ashley had been paid off (another 500.000) -King did
      Whats his Trophy Haul as Chairman -0
      Some fans deserve what they wish for and your one of them
      Ge t him out NOW!!!

    • Anyone on here who thinks we have £20m to spend is deranged and presumably under the age of 7 because they clearly don't remember 2012.

    • Another one in Denial head in the sand
      When we win nothing AGAIN and the other mob stroll to a Treble Treble and continue to make History , i hope you feel guilty because whether u like it or not Fans scared to cry out against the Chairman ( well if u call him that) are just as responsible for the continued demise of this great club
      A club i have followed for over 40 Years and one which is in a worse state than even the John Greig Days in the early eighties
      This reliance on Loan Signings and players past their best will simply continue with this Man in charge
      King =No Trophies -Trophies -No King

    • Scim, I was too young to go to Barcelona, but I remember it. I was at Hampden for the Rangers/Celtic select v Scotland, because my dad was called in to work and couldn't take me to the Old Firm match which became the Ibrox Disaster. So I am not awed by your 40 years.
      If you think we are in a worse state than the John Greig years, then your mind is deteriorating.
      Nobody is calling you out for expressing lack of faith in the Chairman, it is your right as a fan. But I am not scared to. I just think it is a pointless, futile exercise.

      Loan signings and players past their best –
      McGregor-Tavernier-Goldson-Katic-Barisic-McCrorie-Jack-Arfield-Candeias-Morelos-Middleton. No loan signings there. Only McGregor over 30. 6 of them paid for. McGregor, Jack and Arfield on frees, 2 youth players promoted. As Robrob says, if you can't accept we don't have pots of money and the Gascoine/Laudrup era is not returning, you neeed to find another team to follow. It's over.
      If howvere, you have something positive to offer, I am all ears. So speak, o wise Guru….
      Who do you want in to replace King? How much money do you think they will give us, free of repayment? Do you want SG out? Who to replace him? Which players do you want gone? All the Loan signings, like Kent? All the players over 27, like McGregor, Arfield and Candeias?

      Instead of whining from the back row, come forward and share your vision with us. King has just offered, because he had to, to buy all shares he doesn't own. I expect all shareholders who agree with you to sell. I suspect that those who think he is doing his best and has ploughed a lot of his own money into Rangers will stand by him and the club. I certainly won't be selling. I bought because its my club and I see nobody better than King out there fighting for control. Maybe you know something I don't. So….

  5. Its got to be Katic , Wednesday night was the final straw with Worrall .He`s got away
    the with it up to now but he may well have cost us the league .I thought Katic had a great game at Rugby Park in the league cup , he was brave and won all the high bouncing balls , so he plastic is not an issue for me .By the way ,McAuley was awful as well on Wednesday night ,he is used to being a "siege" defender and is lost when when he has no-one to mark and gets left with the ball .

  6. Worrall has no technical ability, is as slow as pipe reek, and has the attention span of a goldfish. Why not stick young Ross in a center back until we can find a quality center half to play along side Goldson

  7. Worral, is still young and still learning and he is learning the hard way. Unfortunately for him he is at a club where mistakes are very costly and the amount of mistakes he is making can no longer be tolerated. He needs time on the bench and maybe some reserve games to get back his confidence. Not all his mistakes have been on an artificial surface. I have no doubt he will eventually turn out to be a good defender but he cannot use Rangers as a learning curve.

  8. Missing the point the problem is SG.

    This is a result game & he has not being getting the results.

    He tinkers with the side …

    All in all not good enough – sadly what is still saving Gerrard is that his predecessors have been adjudged to be worst … (& his European run – it does seem he is “better in a better environment”?)

    I cannot understand this judgement ….

    This is a result game & our results are not any better than past seasons …

    What makes this worst is that Celtic are 10 points or so worst off – and if we had improved slightly then we would be in “pole position” !

    Remind me how many premiership titles has Gerrard ?

    This management team does not show any signs of developing – another season written off I fear!

  9. Katic and Flanagan have both been hooked at half time this season for poor performances.
    So why was worrall not taken off v killie.
    In my opinion katic was poor for a few games before he disappeared from the team.
    However it’s time to put him back in now!

  10. Fuck worrall,he's a Fucking DONKEY,send him back to sherwood,I've said for the last few months big Nikola should be playing with Goldson,he's our player who we should be developing not someone else's player,after all Katic helped get us into the Europa league group stages and then was dropped for no reason apart from Stevie G thinking heehaw was the better player,he's had 2 good games and the rest were shite,why wasn't the cunt hooked at half-time on Wednesday ??,he done it to Katic no problem,now it's going to take big Nikola a few games to get his confidence back,he's also a goal threat from corners and free kicks,time to put the DONKEY out to pasture,rant over…No Surrender…

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