How Rangers ‘joke’ is now having the last laugh…


We remember it well – backing up Andy Halliday in the face of a torrent of abuse aimed at his merits for being in the first team.

The lad, six months ago, was anything but popular – he was becoming the joke player, the villain of the piece, the weak link – and Ibrox Noise was about the only site to advise that his many detractors get off his back and leave he and Stevie to it.

Even we suggested he probably wasn’t good enough overall to command a place by his own right, but nevertheless ‘leave him alone’.

Six months later and Andy Halliday is making a very strong case for inclusion by right in the left back slot that, admittedly through ill-fortune on the part of theoretical first choice LB Borna Barisic, Halliday has made essentially his own.

The performance he put in against Celtic was pretty remarkable and it has cut him not only a lot of slack, but gained him the kind of reputation and credibility that earlier last summer he simply didn’t have – and the reality is his displays have been good enough that Rangers haven’t really missed the Croatian that much at all.

Steven Gerrard’s influence and the Croatian’s presence have pushed Halliday’s level up and from a utility player who only got selected through injury Halliday is now staking a genuine claim to be permanent left back even when Barisic is fit. Which isn’t very often.

Jon Flanagan tailed off painfully after a bright start in that berth, Gerrard isn’t interested in Lee Wallace and Barisic can’t stay fit. Leaving the door wide open for Halliday.

It’s quite the turnaround for a man who was initially gifted fans’ favour by his own allegiances and Rangers’ lowly position, but who lost that privilege when he appeared to struggle with the SPL in defensive midfield and slowly became a scapegoat.

Now he has worked like a dog, earned respect and support, made his way to left back and few have doggedly got their way into the first team like Halliday and pure hard graft – but it also helps that he can actually play a bit too.

He’s deserved this.


  1. Respect to Halliday for his attitude and persistence but if it comes to a straight choice between him and Barasic then the Croat wins hands down. I actually thought Halliday use of the ball today was pretty poor. Too many long aimless balls from deep positions whereas Barasic seeks to get beyond their midfield and deliver dangerous crosses into the opponents box.

  2. Even if a player isn't good enough, if hes one of your own he should be backed…i am chuffed to bits for Andy.

  3. I would like to see him become our next captain the passion and arrogance if him makes him a rangers great in my eyes. I just hope nobody comes in with funny money offers for him or we could lose one of our most influencel players. If our goalie does not get player of the year then it has to be our Andy only my opinion and you all know my take on that. WATP NO SURRENDER.

  4. I still think Andy is not good enough for Rangers. He had a reasonable game against Celtic, however, the team as a whole were brilliant. One game folks,,one game!
    Andy for me is still a ball watcher and panics when under pressure when the opposition presses up front. He came out in interview after Celtic saying how he had proved the doubters wrong, not for me he hasn't. Have we to forget all the crap games he played?!
    We have won nothing yet!! And this will be the most hardest few months for a long time. We will need to treat every single game like the Celtic game, but the difference is,,Celtic aside most of the teams will park the bus, something we have struggled with.
    I wouldn't have Halliday in my starting 11 ever.
    We need our strongest and skilful players with the bottle and desire to win every single game from now till last game of the season. Inconsistency has always been our enemy. We will not win anything if we can't find the consistency. Feet on the ground for me, but hope and pray the players deliver this season.

  5. The guy deserves all accolades he has got.
    Stuck in in the face of adversity .
    Took pelters from everyone especially the unwashed singing his name .
    To come back back from that shows you the strength of the all honestly he probably deserves a chance in midfield again in front of coulibaly.

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