Gerrard has five days left to reverse a huge transfer mistake…


As Rangers fans know, regardless of recent performances and results, one position Steven Gerrard’s squad is a touch light on is attacking midfield. While Scott Arfield has pretentions towards that slot, he’s more of a box to box midfielder, while Graham Dorrans isn’t fit enough to sustain in the role and Steven Davis appears to be getting played deeper under Stevie’s system.

However, one midfielder, previously a defensive anchor, has absolutely blossomed down south as an all-new attacking playmaker, and with goals aplenty including an absolute stunner today against Wolves in the FA Cup stands out as a truly unexpected solution.

Could Greg Docherty be a cost-free outcome to a problem which has absolutely plagued Rangers for far too long?

If we look at the ex-Hamilton man’s stats, he has 3 assists/goals in 6 in the cup and 10 in 22 in the league, making his form and development some of the best we’ve seen from a player away on loan from Ibrox.

In short, Docherty is becoming maybe the best player in League One overall, and while we were heavily critical of Gerrard’s decision to put him out, the fact he’s absolutely blossomed as an attacking midfielder with assists and goals all over the place is a truly unexpected bonus and enough to suggest that with only five days left of the winter window, if Gerrard wants a powerhouse midfielder who can score and create, Docherty is his man.

Anyone who saw his finish today will know it was a complete pearler, and he just keeps doing it for Shrewsbury again and again. And for those who argue about it being in League One, he’s done it against more than one Premier League side with Stoke too being victims of his rise to quite frankly greatness.

There’s enough time to bring him back – and quite honestly given how awful things have been in the past two fixtures, Greg Docherty cannot be anything other than a benefit to Rangers.


  1. I agree Docherty might be worth bringing back but it's worth pointing out that:

    1. His goal today took a deflection – otherwise I think it was going right at the keeper
    2, Stoke aren't in the Premier League

  2. agree 100% don't know why he's not at very least in our matchday squad for games never mind in first team, I 've always wanted him at rangers but agree the loan has done him fantastically well , but we need him now, come home Greg

  3. How awful things have been in the past two fixtures? The Killie game was bad , but I thought we played quite well against Celtic (you surely don`t count a kick about friendly with Helsinki , in which we played youngsters and changed the whole team at half time )

  4. Good call but it won't happen. Shrewsbury, for example, will have the same arrangement as we included in the Worrall deal with Forest. So we can only call back, up to a certain point. Pass that and the player stays for the season. A real pity! By the way, need to pick you up on your assertion that Docherty was previously a defensive midfield player before going on loan. Not true. Yes, our Mexican friend played him that way but all his time with Hamilton he was an attacking midfielder – the way Shrewsbury delpoy him. Anyway, we`ll have to wait until season to see how Gerrard deploys him.

  5. Think we should leave him where he is and he seems to be enjoying playing every week lets see his confidence come back and have him back at the end of the season
    Lets be honest here he never lived up to expectations and he didnt seem to perform in the big Games , he was awful in the Celtic game and the game passed him by
    Also how many so called great players have we had from the championship and lower divisions NONE i repeat NONE have came anywhere near good enough or have the temperament to Play for a Big Club like rangers
    I,m not convinced he will be a good enough player to win trophies but hes young and i,m prepared to give him a Chance -lets see how he develops but again its a big difference playing under no pressure at Shrewsbury to Performing in an old firm game

  6. There is a world of difference in playing for Shrewsbury, where the level of pressure and expectation is zero compared to playing for Rangers, and having a 50,000 crowd breathing down your neck analysing your every move, pass, lack of movement etc.
    Steve G has been proven correct in sending him out on loan, because with regular game time he is improving which is great for him and hopefully good for Rangers in the long term. But if he comes back now, he will end up spending most of the time on the bench at best, far better to have him playing regular game time at Shrewsbury and continue his development. Then come summer time bring him back and see whether he has improved enough to cope with being a Rangers player.

  7. Just watched the game to and Worrell was quite good. The team that played was much better than the one that played against Kilmarnock. Can’t see Davis and Defoe getting many starts now. We could send them back i think

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