Friday, 18 January 2019

Former Rangers chief has just absolutely slaughtered ex-player

Ex-Rangers assistant Jimmy Nicholl has attacked an ex-Rangers player of mystery origin by suggesting said player wasted his talent at Ibrox and showed no interest in impressing himself or then-manager Graeme Murty.

Tongues have been wagging over who the mystery player is, but we have our suspicions here at Ibrox Noise. But have a read for yourself some of the key information and see who you think he was slaughtering:

“I had a player like that at Rangers. I said to him can I say something to you. I’ve been here four weeks and I’ve seen you and I’ve watched you rap the manager’s door and I’ll tell you something, your application to training, it’s a waste of ability and talent – you’re the type of player who frustrates me the most. You’re in here abusing your talent and ability. Apply yourself better in training.”

Nicholl could be referring to many players, and while many have suspected an obvious one, we don’t believe it’s the same one and we have strong ideas as to another who this fits like a glove, but for legal purposes we shall not name names.

You’re welcome to suggest one or two in the comments….

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