Fernando Ricksen


Last night Ibrox Noise received an inspiring email, from a Celtic fan. An Australian Celtic fan who put his colours aside, as we all should, and informed us of a revolutionary new treatment for ALS/MND.

Obviously, the purpose was to get the information to Fernando Ricksen’s people as quickly as possible.

Whether it is too late for our former captain only they know, but hopefully it isn’t, and this kind soul’s information can help him.

Melbourne University have devised a potentially game-changing treatment for the crippling disease, one which slows down the illness’s progression and reduces its aggression.

In short, it appears to considerably extend the lives of those who suffer, if these initial trials are accurate.

We’re no doctors here but we’d love this to be a useful solution to Fernando and the thousands and hundreds of thousands of sufferers of this dreadful affliction out there.

We have contacted the club to hopefully pass this message on, and there’s no harm spreading the word via our front page too.

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