Deadline Day; why can’t Rangers sell anyone?


The good news is Rangers were not put in a position to be pressured into selling either Alfredo Morelos or James Tavernier, to name just two.

The bad news Rangers were unable to sell anyone at all this window.

As we alluded to in the last entry, our squad is bloated, overburdened and simply far too excessive. We have a tonne of loans out in order to try to thin the herd.

But the overriding worry is the inability to sell anyone without resorting to mutual consent.

Rangers have wasted millions over the years – Bruno Alves, a £1M signing from Cagliari, ended up a free in Serie A despite his two-year deal at Ibrox, and will now reportedly cost Juventus or Inter £1.5M if either Italian giant moves for him. A nice profit for Parma.

Think also about Fabio Cardoso – signed at £1.5M, freed mutual consent because we ‘couldn’t find a club’ then the moment he’s freed gets a cushy gig at Santa Clara complete with plum signing on fee and fat wages.

And here we are again in this window – we have been unable to sell a single one of the deadwood which now litters our squad – packed to the rafters of players who simply aren’t good enough, and unable to shift any of them thanks to exorbitant wages.

It can’t have escaped fans’ attention that Rangers couldn’t sell any of the excess this window – and in fact haven’t sold any players since underselling Josh Windass and Declan John last summer.

It’s a real problem – a bloated squad and expensive players and a real difficulty in getting anything for them. We don’t understand why our squad is so badly managed, but it is, and with losses being reported in the accounts each time, it’s hardly helping the coffers.

We don’t blame Steven Gerrard for this, but some of his signings are going in that direction too. Flanagan and Lafferty haven’t justified the wages yet, and one of those cost £700K.

With five hours left of the window at the time of writing, we can’t see anyone magically being sold.

And that really is a major problem at Ibrox now.


  1. You can’t have your cake and eat it. We undersold Windass and John you say. Perhaps this window we are not prepared to undersell. If buyers know we are desperate to sell they will leave it very late and offer under our valuation. If we accept less than our valuation you will moan, if we don’t sell, you will moan. My opinion is get them off wage bill. Take a hit and move on.

  2. We can't sell anyone because no one is willing to pay the wages they are getting at Rangers. Players who should be on about 5k a week are getting double that at Rangers. No player wants to take a 50% wage drop and we don't have the money to pay them off

  3. You mention Lafferty, the way he was playing for Hearts, he was a player who most wanted him back at Ibrox, to me the problem is the system we play does not help his situation, not that i am knocking our manager, just an observation.

  4. Or maybe these players are just not wanted by anyone else? Also undersold Barrie MacKay.
    Visionary Caixhina appointment was an absolute disaster on the pitch, off the pitch and everywhere else you can think of. Never heard of any repercussions for appointees, probably now basking in appointing SG??

  5. Caixhina dropped us right in it, with Pena & Herrera. We might have to take a bit of a loss, just to get rid. But the time has come to cut or losses and move on, with those two. We do, have an over-bloated squad. Anyone we purchase from now on, must not be injury-prone and must add clear value. I hope club 1872 is keeping a watchful eye, on the board and our finances. We must never get in a mess, again. I have no love of Celtic, but they do seem to get better value, than us. They don't buy 'glass-men', either.

    • There are a few reasons why:
      1. It's Warbs and Pedro players we are trying to move on and they simply aren't good enough to attract a decent fee. Says it all on their management skills. We can hardly give some of them away for nothing.
      2. They re getting paid too much. We should incentivise players to do well by loading their pay based on performances. If you are not playing then your salary drops.
      3. Incompetence at the club in the transfer market. We always pay top dollar for players that we want and give our best assets away for peanuts, McKay, John and Windass to ñame just 3. In the case of Alves it actually cost us money to get rid and he's had an outstanding season in Serie A and on the verge of a reasonably big money transfer.

  6. Some excellent inputs on this subject . We do have a bloated and under valued squad which includes those like Flanagan brought in recently . There is however the nucleus of a very young and and decent core that is emerging. The future is much better than it has been for a while . I think we will probably sell Alfredo this summer . I also think we will move on a few others too one way or another . Mr King has deliveted the 'Offer' a disgraceful exercise and waste of his money . He and the board once again up to the challenge. Onwards WATP

  7. No disrespect mate but you have more or less answered your own question. You have classed them rangers deadwood so who is going to buy or take on loan players that are not performing for us I know I would not. So we should really not be surprised we got no offers. Classic example Rossiter to Bury that says it all for me. And there is plenty more right behind him.

  8. Players that need to Go :

    Worrall – Bk to NF
    Coulibaly – Bk to Angers
    Grezda – On Loan

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