Thursday, 31 January 2019

Deadline Day; why can't Rangers sell anyone?

The good news is Rangers were not put in a position to be pressured into selling either Alfredo Morelos or James Tavernier, to name just two.

The bad news Rangers were unable to sell anyone at all this window.

As we alluded to in the last entry, our squad is bloated, overburdened and simply far too excessive. We have a tonne of loans out in order to try to thin the herd.

But the overriding worry is the inability to sell anyone without resorting to mutual consent.

Rangers have wasted millions over the years – Bruno Alves, a £1M signing from Cagliari, ended up a free in Serie A despite his two-year deal at Ibrox, and will now reportedly cost Juventus or Inter £1.5M if either Italian giant moves for him. A nice profit for Parma.

Think also about Fabio Cardoso – signed at £1.5M, freed mutual consent because we ‘couldn’t find a club’ then the moment he’s freed gets a cushy gig at Santa Clara complete with plum signing on fee and fat wages.

And here we are again in this window – we have been unable to sell a single one of the deadwood which now litters our squad – packed to the rafters of players who simply aren’t good enough, and unable to shift any of them thanks to exorbitant wages.

It can’t have escaped fans’ attention that Rangers couldn’t sell any of the excess this window – and in fact haven’t sold any players since underselling Josh Windass and Declan John last summer.

It’s a real problem – a bloated squad and expensive players and a real difficulty in getting anything for them. We don’t understand why our squad is so badly managed, but it is, and with losses being reported in the accounts each time, it’s hardly helping the coffers.

We don’t blame Steven Gerrard for this, but some of his signings are going in that direction too. Flanagan and Lafferty haven’t justified the wages yet, and one of those cost £700K.

With five hours left of the window at the time of writing, we can’t see anyone magically being sold.

And that really is a major problem at Ibrox now.

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