Alfredo Morelos and the £8M bid


So it’s started, with eight days to go of the January window, it’s finally started;

The first bids for Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos are being weighed up, and Steven Gerrard has similarly admitted (and denied) he’s for sale.

The 22-year old forward has been subject to intense speculation about his future since essentially the first January after he signed in 2017, and he’s never denied he sees his future elsewhere.

But with Nice set to lose star hitman Mario Balotelli to fellow Ligue 1 giants Marseille or English giants West Ham inside hours, Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira, now manager at the Velodrome, has reportedly packaged together a starting bid for Morelos said to be in the region of £8M.

This will be knocked back out of hand, we would assume, but manager Steven Gerrard has gently accepted Morelos will go if the price is right.

He said:

“At the moment in this window, Alfredo won’t be going anywhere. But every one of our players has got a price, I’m not naive enough to sit here and say they haven’t. But none of my players will be going out the door, certainly in this window, so anyone who is preparing a bid or thinking of a bid will be wasting their time.”

We must admit this is a pretty strange statement – while saying Morelos is not for sale he’s admitting he effectively is. While saying he’s not leaving this window he says only ‘at this moment’. Making any consistent semantic sense of this can be left to smarter writers than yours truly, but the poignant giveaway is that despite the scattered defiant tone, the submissive concession that Morelos has a price like anyone else pretty much suggests that if Vieira, or any other manager, makes a fat bid for the ex-HJK man, Rangers won’t be in a position to reject.

£8M clearly won’t be enough in this market, especially given the eminently wealthy French top flight, and if Vieira is serious about securing Morelos it’ll take around double that for Rangers to be interested we’d imagine.

We’ll see if this is yet more tabloid talk or if there’s a genuine interest coming from the continent.


  1. There has been no bids for Morelos. Plus Steve G said hes he's not for sale under any circumstances but then in his next breathe he says every player has a price.
    We supposedly knocked back 12m from a chinChi club last January which they are now saying was only £8m.
    I think they think we have short memories.
    I personally think they will take £8m for him and hope that Defoe will provide the Goals but at 36 that's a bit of risk

  2. What is it with these clubs, coming in deliberately low on our players, due to our past problems. If I was negotiating i'd say to Viera, 18 mill, as a starting point. Let him know we are not going to stand, for their low-balling. Exactly Big Baws, that's even less than the Chinese offered.

  3. The media circus revels in conjecture as soon as every transfer window kicks in.
    In terms of the Scottish league…as opposed to the English leagues, perspective has to be observed.
    There is a young Chelsea player currently being courted by Munich valued at £30 million, despite never having started a game for the first team.
    This, of course, is a complete nonsense.
    Alfredo Morelos, to be sure, remains a valuable commodity within the current Rangers structure.
    That is say ( by all accounts ) appearing happy to be part of a committed squad intent on making a difference.
    Juggling whimsical sale figures on social media serves no particular purpose.
    We should all simply enjoy his time here, while it lasts. Nothing more.

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