Thursday, 3 January 2019

A personal message to Lee Wallace

We’ll make this a quick one – as regular readers know we’re big admirers of Lee Wallace. In our eyes he’s been wronged by the powers-that-be and it will never sit well with us.

With the breaking news that Bristol City seek his services, the ex-captain is set to leave for pastures new this window, and we’ve rarely wished a departing player well to this extent before.

Lee, you deserved better than how this all worked out, you sacrificed your Scotland career to support Rangers, took a massive pay cut and took us back to the SPL.

You gave us everything.

And we, at Ibrox Noise, and the fans, will never forget that.

If you do leave you are welcome back at Ibrox any time.

Good luck, no surrender, and you’re most definitely One of Our Own.

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