Monday, 10 December 2018

Where did it all go wrong *this* time for Stevie's Rangers?

We’ll try not to be knee jerk given the match is still fresh in our memories, but for two performances in a row to be that diabolically poor is deeply worrying.

Ibrox Noise warned weeks and weeks ago to much disagreement that Steven Gerrard’s tactics of attacking his players every chance he got was not a good idea, and wouldn’t work long term.

We appeared to be wrong as a fine run of seven unbeaten appeared before us, including six wins, but somehow the grit of those results has vanished and been replaced with a complete lack of heart, desire and effort on the part of the entire squad.

Something has changed inside the past four or five days – Gerrard complained his instructions were not being followed post-match on Wednesday, and if yesterday’s atrocity against McIntyre’s men was anything to go by, even less listening has been done since.

The players appeared lethargic, the off-ball movement was borderline non-existent, and the shape was all over the place.

It was supposed to be a 4-2-3-1 we believe, but half the time it was a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-1-5. In short, it was a hell of a mess and Dundee had it easily covered.

We have to question why Gerrard’s raft of changes drew exactly the same worrying lack of response from the players.

Six changes from Wednesday and a continued lack of spark or invention.

Seventh-placed Aberdeen and bottom-placed Dundee were meant to be two of the most winnable matches we had this month, and we’ve failed twice.

Mercifully teams around us have completely let us off the hook – with Hearts’ table topping season long gone and Kilmarnock being completely gubbed by Celtic on Saturday, we still, despite one point of six, have managed to in fact go back to second place.

But there’s only so long we’ve get a reprieve like this when our own house is not in order.

And it’s even more frustrating to imagine that two wins in the past two and we’d still be top – that a win yesterday and we’d be level on points with Celtic at the top.

So Gerrard can consider this a let off – but his team right now is not delivering and his own tactics don’t seem to be much cop either.



  1. I don't know the exact reason. It could be the players, just don't care. It could be a combination of things. One thing is clear. A total rout in January, is needed. The same stock excuses for bad performances, are just not going to wash. They seem to have a 'talent' for letting down the club & supporters.

  2. Yesterday was another example of a team with no1 able to create that bit of something different against a team happy to sit deep with everyone behind the ball so whether we made 6 changes or 11 same problem would be there. Grezda has to get on the ball more +rossiter + Jack not in same team please. On positive side we're 2nd in table & 1 win from qualifying out of a europa league most of us would've taking just getting into at start of season.

  3. It's easy to blame the manager for chopping and changing the team , the bottom line is this group of players are paid and looked after really well at the club, but the bottom line is they are not good enough not all of them.The manager has improved the squad and has to play different players for them to show their worth for the jersey,so if they cannot take the chance when picked they will moved on. I would imagine the budget our management team has to work within limits the player he would really like to sign, but there is good players out there sometime it does not work out and i think this could be the problem with some of our squad ,it has been said many a time players we sign have to have something different in their mindset to succeed when they pull that jersey on which appears is not there with some of these players,so roll on January to see where we go next i am sure plans have been put in place but will they succeed ?

  4. crying out for an attacking midfielder or a number 10. very one dimensional at the moment, pass pass pass till we get it wide then throw in a cross with only the striker in the box. happened countless times on Wednesday and the game yesterday, very easy to defend against with most teams having tall centre halfs used to defending crosses. need someone who can pick a pass and can come late into the box and finish off cut backs from the wingers/full backs not just rely on Morelos to get on the end of every high ball we throw aimlessly into the box.

    1. Totally agree we are so easy to defend against takes forever to get ball in box and then usually only one player in there
      Maybe we should bring back Penarth he was clearly unfit when here and had issues but he scored 5 goals in 8 appearances

  5. The Squad Needs Gutting in January!

    They need to be told if they arent gonna perform then they get replaced...simple as that! 👊

  6. The problem is we do not have the depth
    Of squad to make 7 changes.SG needs to get his best 11 and stick by them, continuity is the key. We need a Rapid improvement on Thursday or it's Good Night Vienna.

  7. It was all one dimensional because of the lack creative boldness and bravery to have a go. Not sure if that's SG and his coaching team's instructions but it is stifling the creativity. There are a few that need to go Rossiter Worrall are 2 but we need continuity. Katic had to be in with Goldson and Mc Cauley as cover. Not sure what Grezda brings ???? Young Middleton has potential but he needs to understand what is simple he tried too hard to get balls in for the sake of it . It's still all there for us but no more shoddy slack performances ...

  8. I doubt too many people share this view, but I said in the summer that we could come to regret selling Windass. I know he had his faults and they are enough to get an article on its own. But look at the number of goals and assists he had least year, in a much much worse team. Then ask yourself what he might have achieved this season in a better team.

    Feel free to disagree of course. Arfield has got a few goals and assists and we didn't expect to lose Murphy. But still.....

    1. I agree completely. miss his goals from midfield and his pace on the break. put it this way desperate for a goal yesterday who would you rather take on to get you a goal or create something Windass or Ejaria?

  9. IN you seem to be implying that Gerrard slating the players is behind poor performances. If the players can't take it then they aren't good enough for Glasgow Rangers. Do you think Waddell, Wallace, Souness, Smith or Ferguson and Stein would've accepted these performances from their teams without comment. I WANT to hear Gerrard slating the players when they turn in performances like the last 2 games.


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