Two big reasons Gerrard must be very wary indeed….


If there’s one thing Walter Smith was a titan of, as well as football management, it was the psychological side of the game.

Getting each player on his side whether playing or not, a fringe player or a Brian Laudrup – every squad Walter had was filled with guys who would die for him on the pitch.

He commanded their absolute respect – and bear in mind, this was during his first season as a senior manager in 1991. It just continued thereafter and got even more impressive.

Ergo, one thing, as a rookie manager in Steven Gerrard, just Walter technically was all those years ago, the current Rangers boss is quite simply making a hash of is man management.

Over the past two matches Steven Gerrard has, thanks to injury, had to rely on two players he had earlier criticised heavily.

Against St Johnstone pre-match he smeared Lee Wallace’s credibility, pointing out his unimportance to him and the club, before then having to call on him following Borna Barisic’s untimely injury.

Against Hibs, Connor Goldson had to come off to be replaced by Nikola Katic, a player Gerrard had already ruined via poor management, coming up with a new reason of ‘predicting the future’ with the Croat, claiming a young player like he would (and had) lost form hence dropping him, but not deploying the same management on others of the same and similar age.

It meant when called upon, these players were professionally doing their best, but when it came to heart, the ones they would be giving it for were the fans who love both of them.

Both Wallace and Katic got huge cheers when they came on, demonstrating their popularity with fans, but if there’s a way to NOT man manage players, these two examples would be pretty exemplary.

This isn’t a smear job on Gerrard – we don’t know him as a man and cannot judge his character. He was a legend of a player and it is a crime to all good and fair-minded football fans that a player like he never won the league. Just like it’s a crime Ryan Giggs never competed at a single major championship for Wales.

But we must judge our manager in terms of the job he is doing – and we have to say he is getting more wrong than right.

At the moment anyway.


  1. I think the way Gerrard has treated big Nikola is a fucking disgrace,to drop him for that fucking DONKEY worral has shattered his confidence,form dip my fucking arse,the sooner he's back in the team the better and get heehaw back to sherwood…No Surrender…

    • I thought Worrall was one of our few successes yesterday and contrary to what many say about his attitude he looked the one player who attacked the ball when it was there to be won and was often seen bawling at players for not showing the same commitment, most notably when Coulibaly pulled out of a tackle. Gerrard was furious at that but couldn't get his anger across to Coulibaly who avoided looking at the dug out. Worrall didn't miss him though. He also had a pop at Candeias for yet another missed pass.

    • PS you won't see many Rangers players coming off with cut heads. Only Worrall, McCrorie and Katic actually attack headers. Some like Tavernier, Halliday, Jack jump but don't put their head towards the ball. While others like Candeias, Middleton and Coulibaly don't even bother jumping.

    • A centre half that can play football is always a bonus but for now I'll settle for someone that attacks the ball, dominates his opponents, puts in maximum effort and doesn't accept nonsense from those around him. Just giving credit where it's due for a good performance.

  2. One thing I have learned in football is that we fans never know what goes on behind scenes. Wallace and Katic bewilder me. Kenny Miller said truth will come out one day. SG may have hands tied. We don’t know. However without our horrendous injury list we would not be discussing matter. Players can be arseholes off park. SG knows all this and more. Get off his back.

  3. Yet another negative non story by ibrox noise. Wallace had been unfit for majority of gerrard time & katic had lost form & according to reports is struggling to settle. Iv criticised SG & whilst there's a lack of quality there's been no lack of effort by the full squad. With friends like you who needs enemy's. Look at bigger picture. 2nd in league qualifying for europa league all within 7/8 months & with a huge turnover of a squad for not much more than our biggest rivals spent on 1 player
    Give gerrard time he knows where we need to improve & will need at least 3 more windows before can truly be judged

  4. Well said Robert… Steven Gerrard is getting more wrong than right I know that this Rangers and we should be pushing 4 the leauge title, we are pushing 4 it could be better, but it is better than anything 4 years. More wrong than right get a grip

  5. Sick of hearing about players' confidence. Young men in their prime, should have buckets of 'confidence.' Not be like thirteen year old girls, with pigtails. Players who don't get picked one week, then going into meltdown??

  6. Agree with Max123
    …It's A Joke how Wallace and Katic are Currently being Treated.

    You would have thought that SG would go to Walt for Advice…🤔

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