The Pena Problem


So as we all now know, Carlos Pena is officially back in Glasgow. As we told you some weeks ago, he’s been our player again ever since his loan at Nexaca was cut short, but as surplus to requirements at that point he wasn’t needed back immediately.

But on coming back to Scotland, he has posed a number of issues to his manager Steven Gerrard, and possibly some solutions.

Put simply Rangers have zero creativity in midfield – yesterday’s win over Hamilton certainly highlighted this. In truth we had none already, but Ovie Ejaria’s departure has absolutely categorically removed even the slither we had.

Pena scores goals. Takes shots. And gets into the box. He can even assist although it’s not a big part of his game. But does this automatically mean he replaces the Liverpool kid?

Gerrard has confirmed the Mexican is a problem, that his playing again for Rangers is a ‘long shot’ which bodes poorly for the former Azul Cruz man’s chances of even getting on the bench.

But equally SG has persisted with his 4-3-3 most of the season, and it desperately needs the creativity at the apex of midfield. Pena is the only fit contender in the entire squad to cover that role. There is Arfield but we can’t rely on his vision because playmaking isn’t really part of his game. He’s also not as technically good as the Mexican.

But Gerrard has said equally that Pena is costing him money, money he wants to put elsewhere and this does seem to indict the midfielder’s chances of featuring.

And yet, there’s no one else. Graham Dorrans is broken and will probably never be fit for longer than a month, and that’s literally all the manager has to choose from.

So what do we do with this £3.2M signing who simply never settled in Scotland and is alleged to have some lifestyle choices which bode poorly for his compatibility with professional football?

Your guess is as good as ours, folks.

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  1. If we are paying his wages then let's get something for it! Definitely the best option we have right now for an attacking midfielder

  2. As tempting as it is to give him a try again, it is also very high risk. He could very easily become a disruptive distraction. Saturday showed that we have a generally good team with a specific piece missing – a creative midfielder. If you decide to risk Pena vs buying Davis, you could destroy the best of what is already there, rather than providing the missing bit of the jigsaw. Bring Doc and Davis back.

  3. Thanks, but NO thanks. How can we not just get rid, in January? They keep banging on about Dodoo, too. ReallY? He'll have had to have taken Blackpool by storm, for me to be convinced. They're just trying to save cash, by playing 'not good enough', players. Can't go on. Livingston can get quality, like Menga & Hardie and all we get is mediocre??

    • Cant get rid because the gut's under contract for another 18 months; so would have to pretty much pay it in full to get him out the door, no-one in their right mind's gonna pay good money for an alcoholic footballer!

  4. The guy is lazy and crap .Supporters who suggest giving him another chance must have very short memories .He should be made to play every reserve game until he either gets a move or asks to be released from his contract.Every player on the books deserves a chance before this guy , we should look at young Kelly or Palmer first , at least they want to play football for our club.

    • Wigers, my memory is fine. I do not forget and I do not forgive.
      But, IN's article and question asked what we would prefer out of 2 bad options. I think if we are paying him, make him work.
      Only counter argument would be if he plays for us even once he can't go anywhere else so I wouldn't use him until February.
      Personally, I doubt he can persuade SG that he is worth a chance as he can't do that to any club in Mexico.

      But time will tell.

    • This guy disgraced our club he is back and we are stuck with him. It's a catch 22 situation with him freeze him out nobody knows he is here so no interest then. Or play him he is a disaster and still nobody will touch him not e an with asbestos gloves on. So a think we need to bite the bullet on this one.

    • I thought Pena had some talent and actually had a decent scoring record. Played over a season that scoring rate would mean a return of 20+ goals. Not to be sniffed at.
      On the other hand he had a bad attitude, was lazy, indisciplined, and possibly a disruptive element. Then of course there was the shorts incident.
      Gerrard may think, quite rightly, that was not on his watch and may decide to give him another chance. However, Im sure he will be aware of the problems we had with him previously and would only consider him if he showed the right commitment.

  5. What do have to Lose by Giving Him a Shot in the 10 Role?…Nothing

    and if he turns out to string some decent performances then we might be able to get some cash for Him.

  6. I for one would play him if he is fit enough ??? However if he can't deliver then yes drop him into the
    U23 squad Maybe someone may want him HerreaH the same

  7. Lets just see what he's like under Stevie🤔

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧tapatheleaguefornoo 👏

  8. Just sack this disgrace we need less embarrassing situations detracting our club further mistakes were made its time to be bigger it's time to walk away and concentrate on the team recall ryan hardie or greg or jo or play Andrew Dallas.

  9. It’s the manager’s call. Given Pena has torpedoed his own career, the only way to resurrect it is to perform NOW for Rangers. Any donkey should know that.

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