Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Steven Gerrard: was Barry Ferguson right in 2006?

Buoyant from our table-topping clash Hearts, Rangers host Aberdeen tonight in yet another important match of the league campaign.

However, with six wins of the last seven we’re reminded of Barry Ferguson’s defining line of 2006 during the ill-fated Paul Le Guen era:

“Until we’ve managed 10 in a row without a loss, we haven’t turned a corner.”

Of course this can semantically mean 10 draws in a row, but adding common sense Ferguson was suggesting 10 unbeaten with at least seven or eight wins.

Tonight a win over Aberdeen takes Rangers to seven wins of eight, and that gets perilously close to nailing this demand, considerably ahead of schedule we have to say.

Now, of course, we’re not saying the work is done and we can all rest easy. It isn’t, and we can’t. But evidently being top of the table and nearing 10 matches without a loss and mostly wins is a far cry from the dismal loss at Livi, which, in hindsight, was on an artificial surface against a deeply in form side.

Win tonight and seven wins in eight starts to look serious.

With Dundee at the weekend, we surely have to win that one – or at least describe it as very winnable, then it’s eight wins of nine.

And that really is starting to look genuine.

The character we’re seeing at Ibrox is looking very Rangers – discipline issues aside, we have to admit the grit in face of adversity is what we expect from our champions in Govan.

So maybe, just maybe the path is now going in the right direction.

Just like it did in the late 80s when a Liverpool legend (kind of) ditched his playing career and became our coach.

History repeating itself?


  1. Aberdeen have it coming. They need put back in their box, just like the jam tarts!

  2. Ffs 10 men again,
    big loss tonight with brendas mob drawing,
    we need to get a grip on this 10 men shite
    These are games we must win

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. ...And We were Pish
    Beaten 1-0 at Home By The Sheep
    Absolute Shambles!

    We better get at least 3 against Dundee! 👊
    And Morelos is getting banned again
    ...Feckin Idiot

  4. Not a good performance. Very disjointed. Flanagan, Coulibaly, Ejaria disappointing of late. Missed Arfield but Morelos needs to be dropped for a few games. He is nuts. Swop him out in January for an out and out striker.Players might shrug off sending offs in the team if they win, but surely this defeat puts all these red cards in to a different perspective. I think McAuley will be targeted. At 39 years of age he is very vulnerable for lack of speed. Next game is huge, and changes should be made. We have lost our momentum. Tactics are questionable but I suppose it goes with the result.


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