Monday, 10 December 2018

Steven Gerrard must reverse massive summer decision

 Article by: Kirsty

We here at Ibrox Noise often get told that we’re pessimistic, that it’s always doom and gloom with us. Yeah we’re not always a happy bunch here but we always try and call it as we see it but from yesterday's pantomime there isn’t much to be happy about right now! We called it that Dundee would be tricky and that it was inevitable that Miller would be one of the reasons it wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

Now, there seems to be an issue with the team and from what I’m watching one of them is there is a distinct lack of fight. Defence yesterday was shambolic and even Middleton noticed it with him uttering ‘F*** sake man’ when he came onto the pitch. Teammates getting frustrated with each other is nothing new

Now begs the question; What can be done? Personally what I think is needed (among other things) is a change of captain. I have never recognised Tav as captain, he frankly doesn’t have the gall or the leadership for such a role. I even once suggested that it was a ploy by Gerrard in order to boost his worth so we could get a wee bit extra cash for him.

Alas we didn’t sell him. Instead he’s wearing the armband which should be worn by someone more worthy and more capable.  Lately he has completely not been deserving the honour of pulling on that armband, his overall form has been poor and his lack of awareness of who he can service is ridiculous; he seemed completely unaware of Grezda on the pitch. He’s often out of position and as a fan it’s frustrating to watch.

So who can be the next captain? There’s a few differences of opinion on who it should be here at Ibrox Noise. Allan McGregor was one man on the pitch yesterday who was seen to be pushing his men up the field, to look frustrated at play and try to get something extra from the squad. Then springs the issue that he's our keeper. Do we really want our keeper to be our captain? The idea of keepers as captain seems to split fans but he would certainly be worthy of wearing it.

Now my choice for captain happens to be Scott Arfield. He shows grit and determination, and mostly he’s passionate. Plus unlike if McGregor was captain, Arfield would be in the thick of it, he’d be in the centre of play and could directly impact, not shouting from one end of the pitch to the other. He shows want, he craves to succeed and that is only a good thing for the demands of Rangers FC.

Now I’m not saying that Tav doesn’t want to succeed but it’s hardly as apparent through his 'notion' of leadership. He dreams through games and just seems to be elsewhere. We don’t have many options of an ideal captain but surely we have a better option than Tavernier?

What's your thoughts guys?

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  1. Arfield or Jack or Goldson for Me 👍

  2. Ryan jack for me but Arfield good choice too I thought Arfield was badly missed on Sunday or dare I say bring back Steve Davis and make him captain

  3. Arfield or Jack. Goldson got mugged AGAIN, yesterday. Just doesn't seem to learn.

  4. Sticking with Tav is a fucking joke, same as playing Worrall the biggest joke, both need to get to fuck ASAP, both below average players

  5. Tav was due to be sold and he was made captain and his contract renewed in order boost his value. I still believe this is the case, and its all a ploy to command as much of a fee for him as possible when the time comes.

  6. I have always maintained Tav is never a full back from the day he signed for us he cant defend he cant pass a ball to his own players inevetabily passes to the opposition and another promising move breaks down get rid off a disaster end of

  7. Want a change of Captain is deflecting from the real problems. Continuity is what we need, we do not have the depth of talent to keep changing the team. SG
    needs to pick his best 11 and stick with it.

    1. Eddie, don't think we know the best 11, except that it includes McAuley who can't play every game. Also means either Kent or Middleton won't play. If we pick a best team and they lose, do we drop any of them?

      What about playing twice a week? Doesn't seem to phase Tav or Goldson the only two who seem to play every week, but they have been getting worse, not better which would indicate rotation is better. Personally I think some rotation is needed, but not too much. But if you lose, you tend to drop people who did not play well. that's much of team from last two games.
      Continuity is great when you are winning though, I agree.
      back to captain, if big offer comes in for Tav in January, problems solved

  8. I don't think who the captain is has got anything to do with our drop in form. Basically it means nothing. Whether they are wearing an armband or not players like McAuley, Airfield and McGregor are going to be vocal and have a huge influence over the other players.

    I also agree with Eddie that lack of continuity is damaging us particularly in central defence. The problem there though is a drop in form in 3 of our 4 options. I'd also agree that we need rotation due to the huge amount of important games we are playing. However it's becoming clear that the squad lacks real depth of talent across the board.

  9. IN, you may have called that Dundee would be tricky in one post but in another you used the term "will crush Dundee". Closely following your "McInnes quaking" headline. Just saying.
    Agree that players like McGregor, Arfield and McAulay will play "as" Captains but Tavernier is NOT and never will be a leader. Time to hand the band to someone else. If we can take it off Amaruso then we can take it off Tavernier.


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