Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Steven Gerrard monitoring ambitious move for £4M striker....

As many readers may be aware by now, Rangers have been linked with a serious interest in Spanish striker Fran Sol, who is currently tearing up the Eredivisie in the Netherlands with goals aplenty.

The 26 year old former Real Madrid striker has an astonishing 15 goals in 18 appearances, and has been linked with a clutch of suitors, including city rivals Celtic.

The Willem II forward is a Real youth product who never broke into La Liga and had to be content with reserve team places for both the Galaticos and Villarreal, before Willem II snapped him up on a free in 2016, and his consistent scoring in Holland has now woken Europe up to his potential.

The hard reality is we’re talking about Holland’s top marksman here, and he wouldn’t come cheap – this ambitious move for a player technically valued anywhere between £4M-20M would be a stunning capture for Steven Gerrard to secure, and he is a player in the prime of his career. However, with his deal expiring in the summer Rangers could be in a good position to take advantage of that in a cut-price transaction depending how his club want to play it – they have first refusal on a year extension next summer and time will tell if they execute it.

As mentioned Rangers aren’t the only ones interested, with Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic alongside, Burnley, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Leeds, Derby and Swansea reportedly in the hunt for the ex-Spaniard youth international, and that’s only the currently reported ones.

You can be quite sure this player is on the radar of dozens of big European clubs and Rangers could be completely priced out of contention despite his complex contract situation.

But, crazier things have happened in football and if Gerrard was to clinch this deal, it would easily be one of the best signings Rangers have made in a very, very long time.


  1. Would like to think we could get this guy but cash would be the stumbling block for us . As for timmy well the biscuit tin mentality is back o at there so we won't be seeing this guy there anytime soon but a good shout for this guy though

    1. I agree but remember Fat short blower cost £3+ so who knows ?

  2. More chance of ending up there than at Ibrox, but unlikely to be willing to come to Scotland when epl teams are chasing him.

  3. If his contract ia up in the summer but his club have the option of extending it for another year (doubling his transfer value) then of course they will...which prices us out

  4. We play in Scotland. Why would he come here when he has better options.

  5. A sharp striker is what we need at the moment the buffalo is doing well on his own up front in my opinion lafferty needs someone to help him out maybe this player is the answer if we get him to change systems during the games.

  6. Id Rather
    Solanke on loan, Recall Hardie
    and Signing Shankland

  7. Would love tovbelieve this is a goer but...


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