Steven Gerrard made a summer player choice – he got it wrong


As Ibrox Noise’s Kirsty has highlighted in a previous entry, Steven Gerrard certainly made a mistake last summer in making James Tavernier permanent captain.

But following the recent lack of effort, quality and dig in the side, it only highlights the void of a Greg Docherty-shaped object in our first team as well.

We know we know, we’ve banged on about this for ages, but the more he excels down south, the more it frustrates us that it’s not at Ibrox he’s doing it.

Docherty was pretty clear in Malaga – unlike the rest of the squad, he was the one player Steven Gerrard had not had a one to one with. We were more than a bit disappointed, and it was evident that the new manager did not see Docherty as part of his immediate plans.

Instead, he signed Lassana Coulibaly and shipped the ex-Hamilton man on loan off to Shrewsbury.

To suggest Docherty has lit up League One while Coulibaly, three or so matches aside, has been utterly dismal, is an understatement – and to add insult to injury, he’s a loan.

The one solace we have is Gerrard didn’t actually sell the midfield anchor – we can recall him, in January we understand, and that is action Gerrard must undertake.

We need as many players who will fight for our jersey as possible, and it was a flagrant error to cut him loose in the first place.

Imagine guys like Arfield, Jack and Docherty in midfield. Pure raw power and industry, with no lack of ability and goals to boot. True, a lack of playmaker in there, and that will hopefully be addressed in due course as well.

But it’s the return of Docherty which is paramount at this point – while many fans, ourselves included, had praised the effort and grit in recent months, the past 180 minutes have seen a desperate absence of it, and guys like Docherty will inject the midfield with a tonne of dig, power, and it seems now, goals.

Bring him back!

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  1. Docherty has improved playing there but he's not the answer to our problems right now. Due to our poor performances everybody is obviously looking for the answer and because he's playing well you say it was a mistake to send him on loan. If he had stayed we would still be going through this because he's not the creative attacking midfielder we need. I'm glad he's playing well and improving and I'm looking forward to seeing him return a better, more experienced player but hopefully when he comes back we will have a quality CAM to play alongside him.

    • No, we said it was a mistake to send him in the first place. We called that at the time – he's played well since joining us and his exit was inexplicable. He was already ready to play for us – but it's Shrewsbury instead who are getting the benefit of this.

  2. He's not the attacking midfielder we need. There is very little between Docherty, Jack, mcrorie, coulibaly. He's not the answer. He will come back a better player for his experience.

  3. It's a no brainer and Gerrard got this one wrong from the start, Gerrard is getting a lot wrong lately and looking like another Pedro the Caravan man

  4. The one guy who guy who is not getting a fair crack of the whip is Ross McCrorie who is one of our own and not a dud loan as Ejaria, Coulibally or Worral. At just 20 years of age I see a future Rangers captain in the coming years also being Scottish helps and Gerrard seems to do is get linked with players from down south who are no better than some Scottish players playing in the SPFL.

  5. 1. Punt Worrall back to Nottingham
    2. Punt Ejaria back to Liverpool
    3. Punt Coulibaly back across Channel

    4. To Replace Worrall,
    Halkett, Lindsay or Tafazolli

    5. To Replace Ovie, Docherty! 💪

    6. Replace Lassana? …Ross McCrorie

  6. Totally agree with TheStevo926. Also add in a couple of creative midfielders and another decent striker. Plus Jordan Rossitor is not the answer – £10k a week could be spent elsewhere.

    • Another CB Option
      …Tosin Adarabioyo!

      Creative Mid
      …Ferguson from the Sheep 👍

      Time to come Home for Tea Lewis!

      Also agree we should cut Rossiter Loose

    • Stevo, who the feck is Adarabioyo? How often have you seen him play? What are his strengths? What will he bring to Rangers that we don't currently have? I've asked you the same questions many times about Tafazoli but you haven't answered.

  7. Doherty may be doing very well down in Shewsbury but lets not forget that he's playing in League 1, the 3rd tier of English football. He's no better then Jack, Arfield etc so I don't see how things would be much different if this guy was still around. Likely would not even get in the team most weeks. However at this point I would very much question the logic in punting Windyass for a couple of million; as we could sure be doing with the goals from midfield that he notched last season. If you look at ceptic they have goalscorers all across their midfiled – ultimately that will be difference when we face them and come the end of the season. Sad but true(at least for now).

    • Need to be careful there Rab – you’ll be accused of being realistic. Folks seem to have forgotten that Doc stunk in many games last season, but it’s good that he’s playing regularly in EFL1 – let’s face it, the standard of most of those clubs would see them easily survive in the SPL so in general, he’s developing week in week out against better players. No, the biggest mistake in the summer wasn’t letting Doc go or making Tav skipper – it was letting Windass go. History now though….

  8. I agree with TheStevo926 except Docherty better off where he is unless he is going to play. Which means ahead of at least one of Jack, McCrorie, Halliday, Arfield.

    Personally, I would leave him where he is until the summer. It is League 1, not even the Championship.

    As others have noted and I worried about in the summer, we have not replaced Windass' goals. And we are paying for it. Morelos apart, nobody can be relied upon to get amongst the goals on a regular basis

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