Steven Gerrard has changed his mind

Steven Gerrard has changed his mind

Steven Gerrard has praised his defence and declared ‘that’s how to defend’ following a solid display at the back from Gareth McAuley and Connor Goldson in particular, who he described as ‘top top class’.

The manager has been quick to criticise the defence when it’s failed to deliver, decrying set piece defending in particular, but today he was full of praise for how his rearguard stood up to be counted as a unit and stopped pretty much everything.

He said:

“Goldson and McAuley, top top class. That’s how you defend.”

Indeed they were – Goldson was a little slow to get going but was excellent once he was up to speed with the frenetic activity at Tynecastle, and McAuley, unfortunate OG aside, led by example and quietly got on with it.

As a duo they worked well and we’d imagine for the foreseeable future that will be our defence. Well, until Stevie’s predilection for rotation comes into play!

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    • Totally disagree. After a slow start we made the best chances and all the match stats were overwhelmingly in our favour, 17-5 shots, 8-2 on target, 10-5 corners. Sure the second goal was offside but there were other instances of offside that weren't and Hearts should've been down to 10 men long beforehand the end with the shocking knee high tackle on Coulibaly.

  1. Thought it was a great performance all round referee couldn't get his red card out quick enough if it was a Dodger he would only have been booked

  2. Not convinced on defence once again an own goal by a player trying to clear using wrong foot should have used his left foot basic

  3. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the centre backs are changed for the sheep match. It’s the way it needs to be and I’m confident in whoever comes in.

  4. Poor refereeing again Shock !!!! Just watched a little of that Joke Final …Funny how the intensity and will to win is missing against them !!! Wait till Wednesday they'll be sweating blood at Ibrox … Disgraceful

  5. Don't know how you can say we were lucky ffs think that is only major decision that has went for us this season """"after poor 25mins totally controlled the game and talking of offsides what about Morelos thru on goal by candiass
    Ps how many times did the commentary go on about that offside lol the bias is unbelievable

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