Sunday, 16 December 2018

Sensational January - six players arriving in Govan? Reports

Following Umar Sadiq and Ovie Ejaria’s departures, Rangers’ January window is set to hot up with a potential six arrivals at Ibrox, with three being new signings.

Rangers have a bunch of players out on loan, and with Ryan Hardie’s electric form at Livi, Joe Dodoo’s impressive spell at Blackpool and Greg Docherty’s stunning time in Shrewsbury, there is already scope for those three to come back to replace at least two of the outgone flops.

Furthermore, with Steven Davis, Jordan Jones and Tom Eaves three of the significant incomings mooted for arrival next month, Rangers’ squad could get heavily revamped to cope with the rest of the season and launch a serious bid to compete for the title.

For Davis’ part he is understood to be keen on the move – and he would likely be installed as captain too. The NI international remains a fine asset to any team and Rangers could use his quality in midfield.

Meanwhile the Jones’ rumours persist too – Rangers are set to lose Ryan Kent next month, while Glenn Middleton remains raw but improving. Daniel Candeias is probably not quite viewed as overall good or consistent enough, while Eros Grezda is still slightly unproven, albeit promising.

And Tom Eaves is one of the main striker talents Rangers are matched with at present – the League One top scorer has done the business with Gillingham, and while the name is not that thrilling, he cannot be worse than Sadiq?

The fun season begins!


  1. It's infuriating that Pena and Herrera are being paid for nothing it's an unfortunate side of football contracts . We need some pace in the team Jones would be good not sure Killie will sell to us . Like the Eaves potential too.

  2. Would rather have Kent ahead of Jones
    Rather Solanke on loan then Shankland in the summer ahead of Eaves.
    Leave Hardie and Docherty to develop over the full season. Sell Dodoo if we can get an offer. That leaves Davis. Would rather have Everton U-21, Davis has dropped back down the pitch since leaving us, we need AM, not DM or CM.
    Still, in SG and MA we trust

    1. Yup, sounds about right tae me, ScotsWH.

  3. davis is quality and got great attitude- no brainer.

    good luck ovie.

    come on the hibs!

  4. I would have Hardie and Docherty back no question and maybe even Joe Dodoo although he never really got going at Rangers.

    Of the others, I loved Davis at Rangers and I'm sure he is still a class act but apparently when he has been playing this season it's in the holding midfield role and we don't need another one of them. Eaves is scoring in the English 3rd tier but is he better than Hardie or even Andrew Dallas, probably not. And Jordan Jones is a quality player but in terms of left midfielders/wingers we already have Grezda, Middleton and next season we'll have Murphy back. He might be a good signing but I think we have other priorities

  5. We seem to forget there is a sensation at Ayr Utd Mr Shsnkland
    A rangers die hard
    We would get him for peanuts and with Davis back in the fold along with Jones happy Dar

  6. Oh dear here we go again with the excitement dial right of the radar. When will we ever learn this was the same level of excitement in the summer now you tell us the ones that came in are flops. You talk of people coming back from being on loan they went on loan in the first place because they were dross. Now they hit a bit of form in lesser leagues we want them back and are excited. Still no sign of 1p getting spent on any player again all loan signings or loaned players returning is this the level our famous club now sits at. Getting excited about failures for our club previously returning please don't get my hopes up anymore unless it's something positive and real.

  7. Shankland is a must for me. Will get him for peanuts on low wages. No brainer lad scores for fun and is a Die hard Rangers fan why wait? Get him signed.

  8. I am an avid follower of all the sites with news and information on Rangers news(including transfers) and I find it remarkable how often the agent for JORDON JONES appears on these sites trumpeting how great a signing he would be for Rangers,"trust me"we will get by without him,it's bad enough having to cope with Grezda in the side.

  9. Yes what a result back at the top where we belong Celtic and killie are only keeping the top of the league warm for as we are here to take over WATP .

  10. Not often I agree with scud but torally agree with is comments.
    What's all the excitement about Dodooh anyone watched him lately awful
    Doherty got hooked the other week playing in 3rd tier hardly European standards
    Players from lower leagues what's going on and one final comment IN Daniel Candelas not good enough u our having a laugh

  11. SD is a no brainer really. Top pro, still fit, loves the club and knows our game.
    We should do what we can to keep Kent. Hes keen to stay, has grown into playing for us and was our best source of creativity before injury.
    Ejaria had no heart, we could all see he was never invested. Sidiq was a poor call. None will be missed.
    I still think a full season on loan for Docherty will deliver us a better player, theres a huge step up from League 1 to playing for us and his confidence took a beating last season.
    Dodoo will never be at the level required, Blackpool is his level.
    Pena for me is our season decider. Handled well, we get a proven attacking midfielder with an eye for goal. Handled poorly we have a 30K pw misfit nobody wants.
    Hopefully Barisic/Grezda combo can gives us more options, surely a better option than Flanagan and Middleton who isnt quite ready.

    1. Pena? Are you taking the piss? Please tell me your joking. The guy has just been kicked out of a team fighting relegation in Mexico and your suggesting he could be our saviour. The only handling done for this disgusting reprobate should be man handling right out of Ibrox or The Hummel Training Centre if he gets to within 100m of either.

  12. Hardie - Give Him a Chance and if He Doesn't Work Out then Send Him to Ayr in a Swap for Shankland & also Sign Solanke on Loan

    Sell Dodoo

    Bring Back Docherty!

    No To Davis, Eaves and Jones


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