Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Revealed: 85% of Rangers fans would sell Morelos, but only if....

As every Rangers fan and his dog knows, we’ve got a jewel on our hands in the form of Alfredo Morelos. He’s winning pretty much all doubters over, and despite his tendency to waste big chances, he by and large gets the job done and has shown even more heart, desire and determination since Steven Gerrard became his manager.

In short, Gerrard has really nurtured this kid, and it’s shown. However, despite his contribution on the pitch, Rangers fans would be willing to part with him for the right money, should the expected vultures appear in January.

In a recent Ibrox Noise poll, 85% of all respondents polled would sell Alfredo for the right money, for £20M+, with only 15% revealing he’s unsellable in their view.

To break the numbers down further, 51% would sell for £20M, and 34% would sell for £30M, meaning only 15% would rather keep the player regardless of how much was bid.

It’s a surprising stat for a player whose popularity has grown exponentially in recent months, although money does talk and for a striker who cost £800,000, it would mark a staggering profit.

And we can’t really see Rangers’ board rejecting such an offer.


  1. A wee 5 euros on Alfie to score first goal tonight and a fiver on 3 one because WATP.

    1. Congratulations Scud on your first ever post not about Dave King, and first I recollect being positive and naming a Rangers player.
      Long may it continue

    2. Is this you two, getting on? About time gents.

  2. To be Honest ...If we got an offer of that Scale ...Lets be Realistic

    As much as we Love Morelos we Couldnt Afford to Turn it Down.

  3. He will be worth just as much in July as in January we need to keep him until end of season or have very good replacement

  4. IN Maybe you should ask that question again.


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