Friday, 7 December 2018

Reliable journalist; Rangers move back in for previous target

With January business on the horizon in earnest, player names are starting to arrive thick and fast on our desk, and the generally reliable Bill Young of RockSport Radio has claimed Rangers are back in for Kilmarnock’s Jordan Jones and the Northern Ireland international will either sign a pre-contract in the winter window or join Rangers for a fee.

Steven Gerrard's have injury concerns on the flanks with Ryan Kent’s state of play unknown (albeit he was at training on Monday), while Glenn Middleton remains raw and inexperienced, so bringing in a top-quality international wouldn’t be the worst move at all.

Jones still has some developing to do, at 24, but not a lot, and he is certainly approaching peak maturity – his deal at Rugby Park reportedly expires in the summer and Rangers would do well to secure him for a modest fee.

With four assists in 13 SPL matches, Jones is certainly capable of creating albeit disappointingly despite Killie incredibly topping the table, he’s not nabbed any goals. He managed four last campaign.

We will see in due course if this comes to anything.


  1. I don't think Jones, is that great a talent, at all. Is that really the best, Mark Allen and Rangers scouts, can come up with? We'd be much better scouring Africa for a young talent with great prospects. Jones will likely join us and form will spiral down, into distinctly mediocre. Katic, Lafferty all started well and then look. We cannot afford players who start well, then just can't cut the mustard. I dislike Celtic, but their scouts, know how to spot TRUE talent. I'll give them that.

  2. This Cant Be Serious?
    ...Jones is Pish
    There is better options out there

    But also we should be doing what "them lot" have been doing over the past few years (i.e Wanyama, Van Dijk)

    1. Buy an unknown player on the cheap
    2. Get SG to make them a Player
    3. Sell them on for a Healthy Profit

    Agree with Joe90, There could be some Talented Footballers in Africa.

    Id also look in :
    Australia/New Zealand
    Argentina/Brazil & Belgium

    Or the Lower Leagues of France/Italy/Germany/Spain

  3. If we're going to sign any kilmarnock player,I think greg stewart would be the best one abd he can play in the no.10 role, into the bargain.I'd much prefer stewart over jones!

    1. No Way man wouldnt take Stewart Either
      Id only take 3 killie players :

      Tshibola,O'Donnell & Brophy

  4. Would be disapointed but not surprised if we signed Him
    I do not think he anything special not any better than we have however if we get him for no fee then maybe he could be squad player
    If we want to win Trophies we have to buy better quality
    Club is full of Mediocrity
    I keep banging on that we must buy Quality if not then its same as same Treble Treble
    10 In a Row be warned thats whats coming

  5. You mean like Barisic, Katic and Grezda?

  6. I agree with Robert, Greg Stewart would be better.
    Jones is one of those guys "with potential" when he is 30. How does his goals and assists compare to Middleton who is 6 years younger so will improve? Middleton has weeks of experience instead of years, yet out scores and out assists Jones, 3 goals and 2 assist in 571 minutes against 0 and 4 in 1210 minutes and Stewart with 7 goals and 4 assists in 936 minutes.

    There is no contest.

  7. Wouldn`t sign Jones or any other SPFL players for that matter.These are the type of signings we were making and where did it get us , we need to look for better quality now. We have the basis of a good team , now we need to add some class and there is no-one in this league capable of doing that .Because they play out of their skin against us doesn`t mean we should sign them .


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