Rangers stunner as key man defies Steven Gerrard


Just two days after Steven Gerrard told the press Alfredo Morelos is going nowhere in January and two days before the Old Firm crunch at Ibrox, Rangers’ star man has defied his boss by admitting he wants to go to England.

Next month.

Gerrard has been adamant that his best player was staying, no matter the offer (rather contradicting his own claim that all his players have a price) and that was final. He said:

“So we’re really pleased with him. All good players around the world receive interest and bids – that’s football. I won’t turn my phone off. I’ll listen to what (interested clubs) have to say. He’s going nowhere and that’s the message.”

But his key forward has now defied that by reiterating his desire to move to England:

“It’s very likely there are several teams looking at me and that there will be offers, but there is nothing concrete yet. I have to wait until the last game of the year is played and will try to end 2018 in a positive way. My dream is to play in the English Premier League. It’s very similar to the football in Scotland. I know that if I continue like this by scoring goals with Rangers, a new opportunity will come. I am aware that if I do things right, the call will come.”

If ever a player was as blatant as this, we can’t remember – if Gerrard wants to keep Morelos, he will have to defy the player’s own wishes and reject bids.

Meaning, sadly, a huffy player who didn’t get the move he wanted. And that won’t work. Ask Celtic and Dembele.

If a bid from an EPL team comes in to Rangers’ satisfaction from January 1st onwards, Morelos will leave.

But Stevie will not be happy that only a couple of days following his conviction he was not going to sell Morelos, the player himself has contradicted that.

He is also pretty clear – he wants to leave next month.

In Morelos’ defence, he has never committed himself to Ibrox. He signed deals but never once said he was happy to commit his future to Govan. Best we got was his testimony that he wanted to stay at Ibrox ‘for as long as possible’.

By signing those deals he gave Rangers protection on the fee – meaning he would cost more for suitors. And that was something he didn’t have to do.

In all honesty he’ll leave with our best wishes – he did us a turn, used us, as we did him, and now he wants the Promised Land of the EPL.

But Gerrard won’t be happy.


  1. I dont think he is ready for a striking role in the EPL tbh. That said Rangers need to start bringing through a version of Forrest, McGregor, Tierney, Johnston etc, and copying Celtics long term deals for their young promising players.

  2. Nothing really contradictory in all this. If we get huge offer in January we must accept. Stevie does not want him to go. Fair enough. If he doesn’t go he will know that if he keeps up his standards he will go in summer. If everyone put the effort in that he and Andy Halliday did yesterday we would have won. My hope is he sees season out and we get £15m. In summer.

  3. Good as gone to be honest. I think SG knows this. I honestly believe we can do very well out of a deal if the man coming in can play in a double CF/Striker role and we put far more attacking emphasis into our tactics. Morelos needs to be replaced with a quicker player who is smarter and a more matured/street wise individual.A natural goalscorer who is a smilin' assassin type to rile up neanderthal knuckle heads like McKenna and Porteous. Let's go.

    • Agreed. But the person you are describing usually costs £20-50 million.
      I think he will go in the summer as I am not sure we can replace him in January. If he continues to score, i think we can get £20 instead of £15 million.
      He has said before that he wants to go to England, so there is no news in the story.

  4. No story here. Read between the lines.
    Gerrard is saying he is our player and we don't need to or intend to sell. In other words come with big money because we won't give him away cheaply like we have in the past.
    Morelos is simply stating a desire to play at a higher level. Nothing wrong with that. There isn't a player in our squad who wouldn't want to play in the EPL. If there is then we would need to question his desire.

    • bigbaws, no chance we will sell at £5, or £9 million. We may struggle to replace him at any price, but we will want big money. he wants to go to England and even Championship clubs can go to £20M for his ability.
      If he can't get premiership, he might as well stay with us until he can.

    • I said Gerrard is putting it out there that we don't need to sell. Whether that is true or not it's still the best message to put out. And actually we don't need to sell cheaply in January if we think we can't replace him or get more in the summer. The key thing is that we have a choice.

  5. I agree guys.Of course the size of the bid, will determine if fredo morelos leaves rangers in january,or not.My own gut feeling is that morelos will be sold in january,which will be very unfortunate for us,alth alth i do honestly hope i'm wrong here!The next question that i want to put out there,
    to all our supporters is,who do we think we should go for,to replace alfredo,if he is sold?

  6. He is capable of playing in the EPL without a doubt and we have to face facts that is where he is heading if some other European club doesn't snatch him first. However, playing in Scotland means that English clubs think they will get him on the cheap, and our track record for this speaks for itself. It is a different era now though and I cannot see him leaving for less than around £18 with add ons etc. Provided that money is then spent on another first class striker then it would be acceptable.

    • Agree on price. We can replace him and boost coffers with that kind of money. But I think we will wait until summer.

    • Let's play clever here. If we are going to sell him then make sure we have a replacement and a fee lined up. Once we receive a big fee for Morelos the price for any replacement will double.

  7. Take the money if it's decent, 15-20 million plus add-ons,that's what we as a club have to do , buy cheap, make a huge profit by selling on and reinvest in squad , he owes us nothing

  8. Alfredo has been brilliant in his 18 months here. And I don't think he's under mining the managers as this is now his 3rd maybe even 4th time saying he'd like to move to the EPL. And he's signed 3 deals with us now so I have no doubt about his commitment to the Club.

    I personally find the squad that weak that even having Morelos won't change a thing and the league is a stretch too far. We've banked 14 million from the Europa so even if the Club are offered a silly offer of 15-20 million they really don't need to sell. And in 6 months time I can only see us command north of 20 million once he bags 35+ goals.

    Now isn't the time to sell but he won't be here next Xmas that is for sure. Selling Morelos in the Summer for 20 million and buying 5 quality players for 4 million is far more important to us than keeping Morelos imo we will only get stronger as a squad from his sale. If that happens in January or June.

  9. Morelos has never hidden his desire to play in the EPL, and who can blame him for wanting to play in one of the best leagues in world football. I am not convinced he has done enough yet to attract interest from most of the EPL teams, but one of the lower end teams might be interested in him. It will then come down to money, and of course quite rightly Steven Gerrard is making it clear that Rangers won't sell cheaply.

    A big enough offer early in January and it could be a good piece of business, as long as SG is given the money to spend on the squad.

    On the other hand, if he stayed until summer and continued to improve and score goals, then he might get a better offer than he is likely to get in January.

    • Burnley, Newcastle, Southamptons new gaffer, Cardiff, Crystal Palace, Huddersfield to name a few. 15 million is pennies to these Clubs who have yet to hit 20 goals in their league.

    • I want him too stay until the summer but if not its not a disaster, the money we get for him pluss the europa candy will stand the club in good sted, I hate to admit as a was optimistic this year but a think the league is too much for us, nxt year! !

  10. Quote lifted from the Daily Rhag who lifted it from an interview done on Columbia … when ??? The timing of this is designed to unsettle the club and the fans , and it seems to have worked if you are anything to go by . The guy has never hidden his desire to play in England but he says he needs to continue to score goals for Rangers not that he wants to leave in January .He can leave in the summer after he scores 30 goals to win us the league.

  11. If we lose Saturday then effectively that is a 9 point gap and the league is over then Morelos can go if a circa £20million bid comes in. Win and he’s going nowhere and it’s game on for #55

  12. Don't get the Gerard won't be happy ?non story ! imo if klop gets bumped after rangers finally win the spfl, Gerard would be in anfield quicker than a SCOUSE can fly.
    It's how it all works !

  13. We should take £10m. Celtic got £20m for a guy who was scoring regularly in the CL!!Alfredo couldn’t lace Dembele’s boots. But has the potential to be better.

    • Actually Morelos scored more goals than Dembele last season and was ahead of him already this season before Dembele was sold. Not sure if that justifies the fee being double.

  14. £15mill minimum and then He can Chase the Dream somewhere Else 👌

    If He doesn't want to be at Ibrox,
    No Point in Keeping Him

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