Friday, 21 December 2018

Rangers set for big money January bid?

Last summer Rangers entertained speculation on right back James Tavernier, following West Brom’s £3M bid for the-then interim captain.

That bid was rejected, but there is absolutely no doubt next month the 27-year old speed machine will be the source of bids again, and quite frankly we’re torn on what Rangers should do.

He’s signed a long-term deal, so the bid would have to be very healthy indeed, and of course he is Rangers captain so that adds a few quid to his value too. Fans do seem quite divided over his merits – few think he should be wearing the armband – that one we can say is unequivocal and we’ll cover it in a later piece, but what of the rest of his game?

His defending is more often than not an eyesore. Frequently out of position, he doesn’t read the flow of the game at all and doesn’t know when to get back, relying these days on Daniel Candeias covering him.

In attack he offers more – some fine dribbling and width does help Rangers get behind defences, and his set piece delivery can be good.

It can also be poor, and his consistency is certainly a negative. For every good cross, there’s at least two, maybe three poor ones.

We do often suspect if the shackles were taken off Tavernier and he was made a permanent winger he might thrive more – but then he’d get marked far more too so he may be rendered impotent by comparison.

But if a big £7M+ bid comes in? We suspect few fans would want to see it rejected.

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