“Rangers only won because Celtic were rubbish”


We’ve been seeing a few very amusing and bitter comments from some Celtic fans about yesterday’s loss on the site, playing it down by suggesting we only managed to beat a ‘poor Celtic side’.

To giggle at this and watch as the pot calls the kettle black is a level of brass neck we shouldn’t really be that surprised to see.

For six years, Celtic fans have enjoyed themselves as they beat dreadful Rangers team after dreadful Rangers team – consistently gloating about their superiority and how much better they were to the rank atrocity in our shirt.

Now the situation is reversed – a sinking Celtic, and a rising Rangers, and their fans reject the loss as they weren’t very good.

Only us who see the irony in this?

For six years, Celtic destroyed a rubbish Rangers and claimed the title on the back of it – not tainted, no, valid titles.

But when it’s the other way around, and Rangers gub a hopeless Celtic, it doesn’t count… because it just doesn’t, alright?

In fairness to Celtic’s manager and players, they accepted the loss on the chin – they actually acted with the sort of dignity Scottish football used to have in yesteryear.

But their fans? Laughable.


  1. To be fair , we have been saying that they are rubbish for years , but unfortunately we were " rubbisher". In a way then they are right , but they have paid a lot of money to be that rubbish.

  2. Must admit, I was surprised at the dignity and honesty of Brenda yesterday.
    Just such a pity Leigh Griffith wasn't there to come on a tie a scarf to the post – I bet he would have tried……

  3. Its been difficult as a fan to watch our Rangers teams struggle over the past six years. Apart from the infamous cup penalty win, that lot have had no competition and do not deserve any credit that's been given to them in my opinion. They have become complacent and did not improve thier playing squad while Rangers have been growing stronger. I know this is only one big win but this season so far has been the best in six years. I want to point out though we haven't been beaten by that lot for six years in fact its only been three years because since the 2012/13 season we had been playing better teams than them in different leagues.

  4. They need to listen to there manager quote- "Rangers were the better team",now i dont think ive ever heard any celtic manager praise a Rangers team👏👏👏

    Yeh they were rubbish cos we made them rubbish we dominated in all areas,it should have been 6-0🏋️‍♀️

    Where's Rod Stewart noo fanny😂😂😂


  5. I have just watched sportscene aka celticsport and what you have said is true firstly Stewart and Thompson had three red cards for Morelos and the reason we won was because Celtic had big game players missing and the referee choose not to even speak to Morelos something should be done regards all the crap that is said about us by the bbc it borders on discrimination

  6. It's been very amusing listening to all the shit get out clauses for why they got absolutely destroyed in all areas of the game both on and off the park . We are on level par with the Rotten Mob they will be trying to sign players in Jan cause if they don't we will win the league. As far as the B B C goes they can fuck off they show us no respect the only way is to silence all of them SFA BBC etc by winning the league . LET'S Go

  7. Now that we have beaten Celtic , can we now get off Gerrard's back about playing halliday and Worrall and not playing Wallace or Katc? Please.

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