Sunday, 30 December 2018

"Rangers only won because Celtic were rubbish"

We’ve been seeing a few very amusing and bitter comments from some Celtic fans about yesterday’s loss on the site, playing it down by suggesting we only managed to beat a ‘poor Celtic side’.

To giggle at this and watch as the pot calls the kettle black is a level of brass neck we shouldn’t really be that surprised to see.

For six years, Celtic fans have enjoyed themselves as they beat dreadful Rangers team after dreadful Rangers team – consistently gloating about their superiority and how much better they were to the rank atrocity in our shirt.

Now the situation is reversed – a sinking Celtic, and a rising Rangers, and their fans reject the loss as they weren’t very good.

Only us who see the irony in this?

For six years, Celtic destroyed a rubbish Rangers and claimed the title on the back of it – not tainted, no, valid titles.

But when it’s the other way around, and Rangers gub a hopeless Celtic, it doesn’t count… because it just doesn’t, alright?

In fairness to Celtic’s manager and players, they accepted the loss on the chin – they actually acted with the sort of dignity Scottish football used to have in yesteryear.

But their fans? Laughable.

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