Friday, 14 December 2018

Rangers midfielder has just played his last game for the club; reports

Ovie Ejaria’s time at Ibrox appears to be officially over after the continuing fall out over his social media alterations, his omission from last night’s loss to Vienna and the confirmation that he’s returned to Liverpool amidst his manager’s admission he’s ‘unsettled’.

Ibrox Noise has been preaching Ejaria’s general contempt for Rangers since he arrived – never showed any interest in the club, never even implied he was happy here – the only aberration was his suggestion Liverpool’s Dominic Solanke could come north, but even then, his comments were factual and not strictly an endorsement of Rangers:

"If Dom was to join Rangers in January he would be a very good addition to the squad. It would increase the strength in depth of the squad and he would be a very good addition."

Rumours are that Ejaria finds the Scottish game overly physical – and he’s right, it is. But that’s the way it’s always been and it’s not for everyone.

Further rumours claim he and assistant coach Gary McAllister had a bit of a set to after the Dundee match and Ejaria has thrown his toys out of his pram as a result.

Bottom line? He’s been a poor signing, and hasn’t developed at all. He’s ok as a central midfielder, but we have better options, but more worrying is the number of times his manager selected him.

Ovie Ejaria has been a near ever-present for Rangers this season, getting far more starts than his ability deserved – and that’s either on his manager for picking him, or the club for allowing a clause which stipulated the amount of minutes he would get.

Either way, he’s played his last match for Rangers best we can tell, and frankly, like pretty much all the loanees, he won’t be missed.


  1. we will never hear of him again, i just wander is SGs comments previously on Middleton about him (Middleton) having the right mentality and attitude and how important this is to be able to develop players was maybe a veiled dig and Ejaria and maybe some others?

  2. What about my boy Barjonas, getting a go?? To be fair, he's never had a fair chance and I fully believe, him and Docherty are now improved players and ready and willing. The little I've seen of the Barjo-boy, I've liked. Come on SG, give our own, a wee go.

  3. I think Ejaria could be a player but unfortunately its not for him if rumours are true. Rangers players have had no protection from referees this season and im not 1 for conspiracies but something is seriously going on with officials. Every game this season blatant decisions have broken the temper of players and Im convinced its the lack of proper officials thats hurting our game. Time to bring in VAR imo and cut out the terrible decisions...good players aren't interested in being kicked up and down the park any more.

  4. If its too tough for him he won`t make it in England either, he was up here to prove his worth to Liverpool and he has failed.He also failed at Sunderland so it doesn`t look to good for his career.He reminds me of Zelalem ,nice skills but doesn`t have the physicality for British fitba.To be fair to Zelalem though he tried to pass the ball forward sometimes.

  5. Was a tidy player with good skills but absolutely no cutting edge. I think Im right in saying he has NO assists at all this season. I wish him all the best but if he can't cut it here a career in the lower leagues of England beckons. But when they hear he doesn't like it too physical then what chance does he have.

  6. Barjonas is better than Ejaria.


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