Sunday, 30 December 2018

Rangers could be in line for a £30M+ windfall...

There is no doubt the Old Firm win yesterday changed everything, from expectations to morale, to Scott Brown’s underwear colour.

However, the January window is well upon us now and we’ve been wary of the vultures who were ready to circulate around two of our biggest saleable assets – Alfredo Morelos and James Tavernier.

Morelos might not have had the most sparkling Old Firm, but he worked hard and didn’t do major damage to his value, while captain Tavernier’s defending was some of the best we’ve seen from a Rangers RB in this fixture for many a year.

And before the match started, there was plenty talk of Morelos’ value in particular, with estimations pinning a 22-year old Colombian international SPL top scorer’s value at a possible £20M, while his team mate with the armband was somewhere between £5M-£10M.

There is little question Tavernier, at least, has seen his value skyrocket after yesterday’s display, and the ex-Wigan man picked a hell of a time to have one of his best matches in the light blue shirt – we’d suggest it would take something in excess of £12M now for the likes of West Brom to secure him.

This means, should those vultures circle us next month and take seriously bidding for our biggest assets, Rangers are looking at over £30M incoming should the board and Steven Gerrard submit to it and sell the players.

This might seem OTT, after all, £30M sounds absurd. But we’re not talking about an average striker. If a 20-year old French striker who hasn’t even picked up a call up for France can set back Celtic £9M, and they sell one who’s two years older for well over double that, can someone justify how Alfredo Morelos is not worth this ballpark amount?

And as for Tavernier – his bumper new deal and current form, plus his nationality and the fact he’s in demand suggests it would be absurd to let him go for less than the going rate.

Yes indeed, Rangers are in a position where we don’t need to sell. And don’t want to. Therefore if suitors want Alfredo Morelos and James Tavernier, they must dig deep in their pockets and paying the going rate.

Or these two stay.
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