Wednesday, 12 December 2018

No Ibrox no fun - fans left furious

Rangers (and Celtic) fans who bought Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 have been left disappointed to say the least after the Japanese games developer continued to fail to deliver on their promises of a fully-fledged Ibrox Stadium (Or Celtic Park) in the game, over five months after confirming the official partnership with the club.

The yearly franchise has always struggled to compete with its more lavish rival FIFA in terms of licenses, but tried to make up for the loss of the Champions League license by not only picking up the Scottish Ladbrokes Premiership, but the official rights to both Rangers’ and Celtic’s stadiums as well as image rights on all the players.

But deep into December and while the rosters are up to date and accurate, their faces aren’t, in all cases, and supporters who forked out up to £50 for the game have been left reeling with the continued lack of both that and the iconic Govan arena in which to strut their virtual stuff.

It may seem a trivial issue, given the form of the team right now, but we know money is not exactly growing on trees for many of our readers and a game this expensive which doesn’t even live up to its promises is more than a touch betraying for those who shelled out the cash.

Furthermore, we know many of our readers are regular players of these kinds of games, and frankly Konami’s complete lack of response over the issue is a middle finger to both their customers, and to the club as a whole.

Ibrox Noise has contacted Konami over this issue, and we will keep you posted on a response. We would also like Rangers themselves to contact the company, given the club got cash for this license and its fans have been left ‘empty handed’.

You never know, it might get Ibrox before the next game comes out.


  1. i downloaded it on a weekend free pass on xbox play, had no iborx and the players faces were rubbish....and the game sucked too....but that made up my mind to say no thanks

  2. I was fuming when I seen only 3/4 rangers players were recreated and also the gameplay in itself is pish. Nae Ibrox. Won't be buying it again.

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  4. In PES he will miss no games as its a computer game and in no way mirrors the real world (I had us winning a cup FFS!) In reality if you have Google then I suggest you have a look there but as its Xmas I looked it up and although confusing it appears now to be only the Hamilton match as he has already missed the Dundee match.


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