Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Near miss - Guardiola's City regular nearly a Ranger....

Under most circumstances, there wasn’t really much interest for Rangers fans in last night’s Carabao Cup meeting at the King Power between Leicester and Man City, but the cup tie saw a selection for the visiting team which more than implied Rangers’ interest in City youth star Phil Foden had been ambition beyond reality.

Much in the way Mark Warburton’s huge interest in Tottenham star Harry Winks had been similarly forlorn, Rangers last season were heavily mentioned in concert with the rising star of the Etihad Arena, and the 18-year old once again started for Pep Guardiola’s juggernaut, his 15th appearance of the season.

It would have been one heck of a coup for Rangers to manage to secure Foden, but it would have been stunning ambition and superb scouting too – this is an 18-year old starting regularly for arguably the best club side, player-by-player, the game has to offer, managed by many observers’ pick as the finest coach in the game in Pep.

Phil Foden looks like he’s destined already for the very top of the game, as Spurs’ Winks is too, and while Rangers didn’t secure either of these superb players, we have to praise the powers that be for trying all those months/years ago respectively.

We see today why Foden and Winks are too good for Scotland, but what a tale the acquisition of either of them would have been.

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